Dead Taxes ... a tax for dead people ? :-)


I am reading the “Handbook for Foreigners in Taipei”, english version. In the index I just saw a paragraph about “Dead Taxes”. It awoke my curiosity, so I went to the indicated page, and …

“Deed Taxes” :smiley: :bravo: :notworthy: :runaway: :dance: :wall:

With regard to “Dead Taxes”, those would be called “Estate Taxes”. Basically, the contents of a person’s estate are subject to tax that must be filed within 6 months of the person’s passing. The responsibility for filing falls on the head of household or, in the case where the deceased was the head of the household, on the next of kin. The deductions involved are pretty broad and generous so, unless the person in question was really well off, there is usually very little tax to be paid.

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I just sent email via the website

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?? That’s an investment site ??