Deadly landslide in Yunnan, China

First of all… it snows in Yunnan? There are at least 18 houses and 47 people buried. Due to the remote location and all the ice and snow, rescue efforts are difficult.


Most areas are quite high up, so yes it gets cold, also its away from the warm seacoast.

I’d be surprised if it didn’t in the mountainous areas. The landslide looks to be in the north of the province (Zhenxiong County).

Most definitely. This area is deep inland and over 1,500 meters.

The average winter temperature of places like Deqin further west is below zero is winter and the elevation is well over 3,000 meters. Deqin is really part of Tibet. Kawagarbo, which is only 20km from Deqin is over 6,700 meters. This is part of the Himalayas. The area of the landslide is sort of a plateau to the east of the Himalayas.


I understand that once you get to the west of Yuanjiang then the Himalaya starts and it can get quite high in elevation. However, this place is only around 1,600m to 1,800m tops. I used to get the image that Yunnan is a tropical jungle. I guess not being next to the ocean makes it a lot colder.

Oh for its latitude, It gets pretty cold in China.

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No this part is highland plateau. Some people compare the climate to Kenya. Yunnan is a huge place. You are thinking of the southern area like Xishuangbanna.

I think even a lot of the parts that don’t usually get snow (like Kunming) are relatively mild throughout the year.

It is around Xishuangbanna, as people have said it’s a hell of a province to explore.

on the BBC

Damn. That’s gotta put a chill in you.

Because even though Yunnan is quite far south, its altitude is quite high, so cold. Just like why Nepal is so cold even though it’s so close to the equator, it’s high up.