Deadwood series coming to hbo

I know somebody was recently complaining that they hadnt seen Deadwood on HBO Asia but it’s starting soon.

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16 Aug 2005 10:15 PM
21 Aug 2005 2:30 AM
23 Aug 2005 9:00 PM

I’m waiting to see how badly they slice it and censor it, because that show fully has the most "cocksucker"s per minute in televisual history.

We’ll just have to wait and see. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: … Country=63

That’s interesting, I just started downloading the first four episodes about two hours ago. A good friend told me it’s the best show on right now. Now I just hope my download is finished before the episodes air on HBO…

Great TV, Deadwood. Totally addictive.

it takes place in Deadwood, South Dakota, USA, just before the telegraph arrives in the late 1800s.

Ian McShane sure sheds his Lovejoy role. At first you think his Al Swearengen is possibly the most vile, most revolting and callow character you’ve ever seen on the screen. Soon, though, and only by comparison, he becomes almost saintly. Impossibly likeable.

And very, very funny. Humor as black as you ever wanted it.

Best character, hands down: Robin Weigert as Calamity Jane. Easily the funniest character out of an American Western since Jack Nicholson in Goin’ South.

Calamity Jane: Maybe I will have a fuckin’ drink, for sociability’s sake and ‘cause I’m a fuckin’ drunk.
Joanie Stubbs: What’s your preference?
Calamity Jane: That it ain’t been previously swallowed.

Only you’d have to see Weigert’s delivery to get the full effect. She has a certain cowboy style down to a tee (you can still find characters very much like hers in America’s red states, but they are extremely rare and in my experience always male).

Highest recommendation. Best new program from HBO and the best program available on American television, in my opinion.

My partner has been addicted to these shows once his parents gave him the first season on DVD.

I didn’t watch it, but he totally loved it.

That was actually what got me interested in watching it to start with - Lovejoy swearing his goddamn bollocks off. There’s just something amazingly hilarious about the concept. But damn does he pull it off.

Deadwood is amazing!

Swearengen has to be the most intense character on TV. he is the nastiest, foul-mouthed animal i’ve ever seen…at the same time not one episode goes by without at least a couple incredible one-liners.

“get a fcking haircut. looks like your mother fcked a monkey.”

I think it’s brilliant to look at the period from the perspective of whorehouses and degenerates. don’t know a ton about the period, but i gotta believe this is a pretty good interpretation of what life was like.

A few weeks ago, while watching a promo for Deadwood on HBO, I saw a message that said that for several nights in a row, they would show 2 episodes per night. Now, when I look at the HBO schedule online, it shows only one episode (starting tonight at 10:15pm!).

Does anyone know the facts about multiple episodes per night?

I watched Deadwood tonight and there was no mention of multiple episodes this time. I’d still like to know the details if anyone knows.

I’d love it if anyone could explain HBO’s censorship policy - apparent “fuck”, “cunt”, and “shit” are fine, along with scenes of people being shot and of bloodied and hacked apart bodies, but God forbid anyone hear the word “cock.”

Excellent show, surely the most vulgar I have seen, “Cocksucker” and “Fuck” with any derivation thereof is at every 30 seconds of the show, and some awesome one-liners. Great story, great cast.
Al, is the most evil character ever, I haven’t seen his good side yet and I am on season 2.
I am just curious, were they really speaking like this back then?

I read something from one of the writers - I think - saying that the way they speak in the program is the modern equivalent of how they spoke. Back then, blasphemy and the like was much, much more offensive than today, so their actual swearing would’ve largely been that sort of thing, but that all sounds quaint now, so to keep the power intended by what was being said they changed it to modern swearing.

Don’t get me wrong. Al doesn’t have a good side.

Spoiler, if you’re not well into Season 2:
[color=white]If you’re on season 2, then Hearst’s man, the psychopath Wolcott, has made his appearance and is trying to scare all the miners off so he can buy claims dirt cheap. Once Wolcott decides to ally against Swearengen and with Cy Tolliver - given how Tolliver dealt with the brother and sister pair of grifters, which was pretty shocking - then it seemed to me that, despite his vileness, Swearengen seemed to become almost fatherly by comparison.

Also, watching Swearengen suffer kidney stones - which is a wonderful subplot if only because it’s almost heroic yet incredibly funny, imo - makes his character more sympathetic. After almost dying while trying to piss a stone thistle, Swearengen seemed to mellow a little, to me.

To top it off, he seems to grudgingly befriend Bullock after they nearly kill each other falling off the Gem’s balcony.

PS - I love the rotting Indian head Al keeps in a hatbox and brings out occasionally as company, Macbeth-like.[/color]

But I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of energy looking for Al’s good side, because it ain’t there.


Don’t get me wrong. Al doesn’t have a good side.
Oh thank god I didn’t see the spoiler, thanks for putting it in white!!! :bravo:

Yeah, what a show. I gotta agree with the praise Robin Weigart’s portrayal of Jane. Brilliant! Brad Dourif and Hi I’m Larry are equally enjoyable to watch. The widow leaves me flat though. Even tho Molly Parker is one of the Canadian Stage’s finest female actors, the writers kept her locked away in that dismal room. When she did show some fire and spirit, the writers squashed her. Whatever happened to her buying the hotel? I’ll shut up now before I spoil anything too much, but yeah, the widow angle fizzled the story for me.

The real Swearengen died penniless, trying to hop a train somewhere. The Gem finally burnt down (for good) in 1899, but that’s some 23 years afore this story is set. It wa notorious for its abuses towards women. But it was said to gross between 5 and 10K a night. Back in the day, them’s good pickins.

The language is brilliant…and at times, almost iambic in it’s meter. For all intents and purposes, it adheres to Aristotlean demands for classical status, in that it develops with continutity of time, space and action.

Fav lines:

Trixie the Whore: Go wash your mouth. You got 7 kinds’a cockbreath.

Al: (Whilst being fellated) Do you dye your hair?