Debate topics for uni students?

For an integrated class with my university students this semester, I’m trying debates for the first time. I’m brainstorming possible topics, since the students don’t seem to have many suggestions. Any good ideas? Has anyone tried this and have a good suggestion?


Go to the website and download the Issues topics for the GRE. A whole range of fields are represented. There are more than 200.

If those topics are too advanced, try the TOEFL TWE topics. A lightweight version of the GRE topics.

What a fun class to teach! I’m jealous.

Gee Tomas, maybe I’'m going blind, but I was all over that site and couldn’t find either of those lists you mentioned. Can you give me a more specific pointer? They sound very interesting. Yes, I’m hoping the idea goes well.


They have dumped the TOEFL Writing Topics link in favor of info about the new test. I have the old ones. If you want them, send me a PM.

The GRE Link (A long, long addy):

This article has a good article on debating in ESL classes:

Debate Central seems to be the #1 place to go for learning about debating:

Here’s a list of debate topics:

Oh, also, the book Language Activities for Teenagers by Seth Lindstromberg has a section about doing debates with ESL classes. You could probably find a copy of it at Caves Bookstore, or have them order a copy for you.

I found another cool link on debating: … 304b.shtml