Decent Bread in Kaohsiung?

Where can I buy decent sandwich bread in Kaohsiung?

I find Taiwan bread sickenly sweet while my wife and Taiwanese friends find American bread boring and tasteless.

What makes Taiwan bread so different anyway? .

PS: I’ll take any european style bread too.

Try to find a Mark Brot - alles gut was echt ist. Their sourdough breads are very good - I was surprised at their rye bread even though it was heavy on the sugar.

I think that there’s one in Gaoxiong, and will post the address tonite.

Do you mean Mr. Mark - Nat

The Dollars Complex on Mintzu Road has a decent bakery with a very small variety of wholemeal bread. They are in the left hand corner in the food court when you come out of the Dollas check-out lane.

Inside Dollars is also a good little deli : smoked Hungarian beef, polish sausages, smoked bacon etc. as well as a good variety of Dutch and French cheeses.

Is it me or does Taiwan bread use too much butter, sugar, and green onion.

Corn…it is like an ubiquitous condiment in Taiwan.

If Taiwan had a bagel shop I’m sure they would have corn spread.

There are good bagels in Tesco and costco.

There is a "New york Bagel somewhere behind Songjiang Rd.

I have not seen corn bagels in Costco or in Tesco, but it can be found.

I am now getting into using my new bread-machine, which I brought back from Germany a few weeks ago. So far I only used some of the ready made “Brotbackmischungen” (also from Germany) but I am slowly getting a hold of all the ingredients here in Taipei.

Using such a machine is really simple: throw in all the ingredients and push a button.

I think its a good alternative to the Taiwanese bread.

Is there anybody out there who knows were to get decent flour ?

Flour, Try the Mami shop off Shida Road - near the wet market, if I remember correctly.

Please disregard my earlier recommendation for the bakery in the (Kaohsiung) Dollars food court. They obviously were not selling their whole meal breads and have stopped making most of them.

I went to Mr. Mark Bakery in Kaohsiung yesterday and was very happy to find a good rye bread (by Taiwan standards). It is a shame though that 99% of their breads have been ruined with filling and stuffing.

The Deli in Dollars is still going strong and they have now added pepperoni salami and Italian salami to their products.


Definately try the bakery almost opposite Smokey Joe’s (the old Smokey Joe’s) on ZhongXiao (ChungHsiao?) Lu. In my opinion far an away the best bread in the South. I could rave on for ages about their onion bread etc. Also Le Petite Prince (Xiao WangZi) is OK. They are opposite Caves on WuFu and in the President department store B1 (ZhongZheng Lu/Heping Lu).

The last time I was at Mr.Mark was a couple of years ago in Tainan. I was so happy back then to have found a place where to buy German bread, but I was weeping after taking the first bite. What a disappointment…:frowning:
There is some German restaurant in Taipei though, that has authentic German bread at ridiculous prices (and with the worst service I have ever encountered in a restaurant in Taiwan).

You mean swartzwald cafe, I guess… Salty meatballs… Hmmmm, are they supposed to be salty?