Decent hiking boots in Taipei

Hi everyone,
I’m sure there must be a thread on this already but I failed to find it. Does anyone know where to shop for good hiking gear (mainly interested in shoes).
I ended up leaving all my hiking gear at home due to complicated travel arrangements. And to be honest, I needed motivation to buy a bunch of new things.

Thank you all in advance

Right by Main Station on Zhongshan Rd (just north of Zhongxiao Rd). A whole block of shops dedicated to hiking and outdoors stuff.

Thank you!

Not on cowboy boots, but any Saffies on this forum that have ever bought a pair of Courteney boots? Thinking about getting a pair.

That thread was amusing . However the thought of @urodacus in a pink Hawai -styled Suit is funnier.

I see they also come in black for dress up, weddings, and church.