Deep: Two rooms of HOUSE

06/08 (Sat)
QUEEN B presents “FUN HOUSE” party @ DEEP

Room 1
“The Funkadelik Floor”
(techno, progressive, beats ‘n’ breaks, tribal, funky disko house)
DJ @llen, DJ Nina, DJ Saucey, DJ Zeus

Room 2
“The Groovelicious Lounge”
(deep house, soul house, jazzy house, dub house, latin house)
DJ Edmund, DJ K Fancy, DJ Que Kids, DJ SL

Dress code: casual elegance

Time: 10:00PM-5:00AM

Admission: $600 ($500 w/ flyer) *include 1 drink
(You can pick up flyers at Tower Records, Eslite Book Store on Tung-Hwa b[/b] or Lounge Lounge Records on Yang-Ji b[/b] St in Taipei)

Venue: DEEP lounge+floor :B1, No 237, Songchiang b[/b] Rd, Taipei (next to Jia Jia Bowling Alley)


But what about music? Any of that?

And I’m not interested in any of that ecstacy or ketamine shite, either. I want real drugs. Does anyone sell ice at these things?

Just ask the bartender for your drink “you bing kwai”…

What does “you bing kwai” mean?


Means “I want ice,” as in frozen water. Not quite what I was asking about.

No good at all for those of us who thrive on the smell of ketones and revel in a nice paranoic psychosis.

Don’t make the same mistake I made in relation to “Acid House”. Very disappointing.

Is anyone going to this?

BTW, Sandman, if you want ice, just keep saying “you bing kwai” and winking at the bartender. After about twenty minutes of nodding and winking something is sure to happen.

Originally posted by dbbowman: After about twenty minutes of nodding and winking something is sure to happen.

Yeah, I’ll be abducted and kept prisoner on the back shelf of the barkeep’s car – “Hey guys, check it out! You’ve seen nodding dogs before, but I bet you’ve never seen this!”

Ketamine can be dried under a lamp and then the crystals can be snorted. This will then enable you to imagine you are dancing the night away were it not for the fact that your entire body has turned to wood and you are lying imobilized.
…or so I hear…

Sounds great (!) Bit like acid then, except without the fun ?