Degree anti-persperant, Oral-B FIRM toothbrushes, Trojans et

Hi where can you get a better selection on Western products, in Taipei, than what I’ve seen so far at major stores such as Carrefour, Watsons and the like?

Haven’t seen a wide selection of personal care items. How about:

Degree - “Shower Clean” deodorant - 2.6oz (73g)

Oral B Crossaction toothbrush MEDIUM or FIRM. I’ve only seen soft.

An array of Trojans – only things I have seen around town are the local kind and the few foreign brands I saw said that they were the same as ones locally made, per the packaging “+/- 52 mms”.

Did anyone ever order with while here in Taiwan? It looks like they only do US & UK territory shipments (?).

I had the exact same problem with finding those products here and ended up having to just have them sent to me from Canada by family or friends. It will probably save you shipping costs that way instead of using an online delivery service.

Deoderant here seems to be very limited in what you can find, the majority of toothbrushes are soft and condoms really don’t stand up to the ones we are used to. It sucks, but care packages of this type of stuff from home seem to be the best way I’ve found so far. From Canada or the US, air shipping only takes about a week and a half, and from the UK, it takes about five days. Those are pretty good waiting times, unless you are out of deoderant, then you may have to buy a local back-up (like I did) until the goods from home come in.

Good luck on the search… if you find any of these, let me know, I’m not sure if the parents want to send me another package of condoms in the mail!

Stores like, when they do do foreign shipments, tend to have obscene shipping charges, often through a third party. You’re much better off checking out eBay and asking the seller for a quote on shipping to Taiwan.

There are some websites for particular categories of products which have more reasonable shipping terms. Have a look at THIS THREAD for info on mail order condoms, for example. Rip’n’roll has an incredible selection.

I’ve ordered things through Drugstore. com. They ship to Taiwan via Comerxia. It’s not cheap so stock up. I ordered two things and shipping was 1000NT.

I’ve looked and looked and looked and never found any medium or firm toothbrushes. It’s hard enough to find one with a ‘full’ size head instead of medium or small but at least those exist here. This is one of the few things left on my diminishing list of things I need to stock up on at home.