Deliberately vague adverts by recruiters

Maybe I am just a jaded old hack, but a lot of the ads posted on this site seem to be deliberately vague? :ponder: :ponder: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Just throwing it out there…

And they keep getting repeated. And the “advertisers” never respond to questions. :ponder:

Reminds me of the military recruiters placing ads in the newspapers back home :ponder:

Especially the ones stating “Newbies welcome”.
I suppose “Suckers welcome” would be pushing it… :loco:

Yea. I’ve noticed the same thing. Not just here, but across Internet land. I’m just guessing, but I assume that “teaching children of all ages” = teaching kindergarten/preschool and “we offer competitive wages” = our pay scale is low or we would have listed it…

agree, and not just in the teaching world.

Not all agents do this, but amongst the less scrupulous I imagine the scenario runs something like this

  1. Set up recruitment/teaching/insert trade here agency
  2. Spam the hell out of any vaguely relevant job board with fake jobs to harvest CVs from the desperate, the uninformed and the trusting.
  3. Approach companies and say ‘look at all the CVs I have, please allow me to fill your vacancies’
  4. Start advertising real jobs and placing people in positions.
  5. Sit back and count your money.

Imagine this practice annoys the honest agents as much as those who fall for it

Good god. Saw a post for a private, at NT 600 p/h. It was posted by an agent. He was probably going to pocket the other NT 1 000.

There is also one specific agency that posts on this forum, not gonna name names…
asia someone or other
that seem to be the vaguest of them all…If you actually take the time to read one of their ads properly, you will be coming out wth NT $ 450 an hour if you are lucky.