Delicious or Revolting? Taiwan's Interesting Food Finds

Post interesting, unusual Taiwan food finds and vote: Delicious or Revolting

I’ll start
Found this today…

  • Delicious! I’d eat it.
  • Revolting! Get that away from me!
  • Meh. Too boring bring on something crazier!

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Can we have an indifferent (meh) option on the poll?


Done. Is that meh ok?

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That’s odd. It erased previous votes and won’t let me vote again.

Try pressing hide results and then voting

The “boba pizza“ I’ve been hearing about is a lot more disturbing to me than this. Although I imagine both are texture hell.

Pictures and poll it!

I tried, I survived, won’t be venturing that way again.

Just a complete soggy mess

I did try the Bubble Milk Tea Cake and it was not bad in fact!

who’s tried the boba gao liang? i heard its lit.