Delirium Strikes News Agency - Irony, Sense Compromised

The Taiwan issue is a question of China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and reunification, which concerns the core interests of China and the feelings of the Chinese people. Opposing “Taiwan independence” and working for China’s reunification are the common aspiration of all the Chinese people including those on the Taiwan island.

It is widely recognized by the international community that there is only one China in the world, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and the Taiwan issue is China's internal affair.

Xinhua, today.

Any thoughts?

Ps. Does anyone know if Xinhua is translated as Newspeak?

Nothing special about that. It’s the same line they’ve been using since the One China policy came out. There are some blantant falsehoods in the statement:

True, but they left out the other party: the people of Taiwan. This statement makes a logic error because it assumes the argument.

Considering the number of pro-independence people on Taiwan, that is blatantly false. If everyone on Taiwan wanted to be reunited the reunion would already have happened.

True, but misleading. That recognition is not based on the merit of the statement, but because China forces other to agree to that policy or face political, economic, and even military reprecussions.

And while officially Taiwan is said to be part of China, it is widely the practice of the world at large to deal with both sides as equals.

Not everyone in the international community really see it that way. Notably the US and Japan see the Taiwan issue as a world affair. That’s why China has to say repeatedly to everyone that it is an internal matter.


Yes, 1984. I just looked though, and it’s new people as in xin yi de yi and zhong hua de hua. Though definitely a homophone.

Thanks for exposing the logic of China’s august mouthpiece. For those of us (myself included) who perhaps neglect the otherside of the debate,

Shows us just what we’re missing. And is a great laugh, if done in small doses and we forget the little thing about the missiles and stuff.

1984 and the old Soviet style propaganda bullshit for sure. It’s a laff, alright. Should be required reading everywhere, if only to expose the jerks for what they are: mindcontrolled brainwashed Orwellian creeps.

No, it’s “New China” as in xinsheng de xin and zhonghua de hua.

And all this talk of Xinhua losing all common sense and grasp on reality… well, it is Xinhua, they’ve never exactly been the pinnacle of objectivity.

Oh, and also: