Demo - Before or After?

Hello everyone in good old Tiawan. I will be arriving in less then a month and am wondering if I should prepare a lesson demo before I go (I will find a jobe when I get there). The thing is I have no idea what age level I will teach. Should I wait for a school that is interested in me and find out what age the children are in that school? Should I go as far as asking the school owner what he would like me to cover in the demo? Thanks for your help.

Just be cool, be fast on your feet, and know a few games… That said, some schools have no material, save for a cut and paste photocopy job that that they will hand you 5 minutes before you perform. “Teach This!”
My first demo was at a dirty little school domewhere in Neihu (I live in Banchaio) with 15 10 year olds. With no preparation time, I was supposed to explain 150 years of US history in 1 hour. Needless to say, I bored them to tears and walked out feeling frustrated.

I wouldn’t want to work at a place like that and neither would you. Demos can give you a chance to see the school and the material at hand. If they don’t want to give you a good day’s prep time to put something together and be comfortable w/ a lesson plan, then tell them that you are a REAL teacher, and not an actor, and you wil get some prep time, or bust.

The job I just aquired gave me twice as many hours than they promised, because they like to see me take the books home and prepare for class. I don’t expect them to pay for prep time because of my relative inexperience. That’s just me.

Give me a while and they will pay… oh yes, they will pay… :bluemad:

good luck

So what you’re saying is that most likely they will not give me any prep time for the demo. But preparing a bunch of games is a great idea, thanks.

First, you need to be able to speak and spell correct English. I don’t know, maybe you speak English OK…

Thank’s for the great help mod lang, you sure know how to promote self esteem in others. You must be a great teacher. :s

Geez, Mod Lang, lay off the guy. Perhaps he’s never seen Taiwan spelled before and the other mistake was probably just a typo. He put the sentences together ok, though, I thought.

I’ve seen worse from currently employed teachers here, especially grammatical errors. Not that I condone the mistakes but I thought you were a bit harsh on him.