Democratic resolution on non-believers: politics

This is more in tune with my response, Thanks for the lesson TG!

Pete B gets it

I think the majority of young people are in tune with his sentiment in modern America. It’s always cringe worthy when some of those guys will pull out the “I’m a believer!” card as it becomes expedient to do so in order to get the prunes and metamucil crowd on their side. Photo ops in churches are so f’ing contrived when it’s done. When Obama did it, I knew he wasn’t going to be the change his posters proclaimed him to be. He tried. With that, I hope you’re right TG.

He seems legit though, no? Is that what you mean? I agree Obama was putting on a show. I told people who were gushing about “change” at the time.

I’m sure he is sincere.

As an atheist, I don’t look down my nose at “believers”. It doesn’t always work both ways. Politicians play to this all too often.

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I don’t know enough about him, yet anyway. But from the link you posted I was with him while he said religion or non religion shouldn’t be an issue that politicians focus on, don’t like it when Ted Cruz does it and even less when Donald Trump is doing it.

But then he goes right on and tells us what he has learned from religion and how it should be applied to immigrants (as if 3 years of discussion has failed to get the point that the issue being discussed is illegal immigration). :roll_eyes:

I meant in regards to his religious practice. I don’t know about that really, but I get the impression he is sincere.

I almost wasn’t going to post it because that also annoyed me.

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Nor do I. What do you mean about the politicians though?

He came out as gay. For his generation this is a big deal. How many of the Democrat candidates will come out as atheist? Not a question I’m asking of you, just a hope I have. Trump came out as a douchebag and he won because he was perceived as honest in his douchery. Anyway, here’s hoping for a Gabbard/Yang ticket for '24.

Sanders is about as close as you’ll get.

I certainly hope that at least one Democrat is capable of talking about spirituality without launching (within 90 seconds, no less) into a plea for socialism.

Probably just me, but seriously I would rather listen to fingernails on chalk boards than listen to Bernie Sanders. That guy is delusional af imo.

The guy rails on the billionaires and millionaires, except he is one, who at the exact time he dropped out the race last time bought some close to a million property, his third home I believe, I think some are not quite so swept up with enthusiasm as they were in 2015, compare a September 2015 rally of his to one he had a few days ago.

Second one is from Sept 13 2015, top one is 8th Sept 2019.

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4 years ago participation awards went to those who actually participated. Now, it’s retweets and thumbs ups. I imagine there were a lot of folks there in spirit.