Democrats Pass Resolution Acknowledging “Importance” of Non-Religious Americans

This really reflects the changing demographics in the US, but still good to see from a major party. I’m sure the other parties will catch up in time.

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Why is the headline misleading?

It wasn’t the Democrats who passed this resolution, it was the DNC. This wasn’t a resolution passed in the House of Representatives as a bill by Democrats, or even at any level of government. It’s just something the DNC did. This seems to be an example of mild propaganda. :idunno:


Only if you’re willfully trying to poke holes in it. DNC=Democrats to any reasonable person, and they did pass a resolution. It doesn’t say anything about the House? It’s totally accurate, to the point of your comment being ridiculous.

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What? I think it’s only ridiculous if you assume DNC = Democrats. That’s not accurate, although they usually converge in even years for electoral purposes. There are millions of Democrats who harshly declaim the DNC, however. I don’t think it’s remotely accurate to say DNC = Democrats.

I don’t want to derail your discussion in this forum, so I’ll bow out by saying that I’m not being ridiculous.

I think the Dems who supported Bernie last time around would agree.


The US is a secular state, none religious people should have equal participation. It’s true it’s hard to participate in politics in the US without a religious faith, and it kind of obvious most just pretend and don’t actually practice whatever religion they supposedly claim.

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That’s stupid.

Why don’t we pass a resolution acknowledging the importance of people who don’t watch soccer.


Yep, that pretty much explains why.

Seriously, NC?

Your darn tootin’ the Republicans would never pass a resolution like that.


  1. That religiously unaffiliated Americans are a group that, as much as any other, advocates for rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values and should be represented, included, and heard by the Party .

Who wrote this crap? Makes it sound like religious people don’t use science.

Why? It says “as much as any other”.

It “sounds” like it. Technically, it’s not, since it was written by a lawyer.

It might sound like it to you, and I won’t speculate why, but that’s not what it says or, I suspect, what it would sound like to the great majority of people.

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I guarantee you believers, who are the majority of the Democratic Party, will read it the same as I did.

They should re-examine why how they read things differs from what words actually say, in that case.

Expect them to speak out soon.

I won’t be holding my breath. Your assessment doesn’t hold water. The statement mentions basic values of the Democratic party that presumably are held by all members, and notes that non-religious people subscribe to those values as much as anyone else in the party. That’s it. You aren’t a Democrat are you?

Yeah, that’s pretty egregious.

As an atheist, I like that we are more accepted. As a rational human being, the resolution is embarrassing horseshit.