Demographics on Forumosa: occupations

What is educational consulting?

I consider it coaching, consulting businesses on English communications, etc. Not as popular as teaching or English editing, but growing.

What? No CEO? What gives?

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That sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

management or business?


Doesn’t have the same mystique

What fields of technology do foreigners usually work in in Taiwan? I’ve met several engineers of different types, but the one foreigner I’ve met in what I’d call a technology field was a man who programs satellites. Might actually be an engineer.

Strange to group art, sports and media dont you think?

I have 3 jobs… I don’t fit in this survey, lol

so for those on an expat-package, it’s likely going to be some sort of engineering management type of position for a western company. usually they’ll have a good resume in actual engineering and will be brought over to help lead the engineering efforts of the taiwan engineering office. the combination of strong tech skills + native english is important (as it’s difficult to find available talent in taiwan with both or even one of these), especially for software (where taiwan is remarkably weak in). responsibilities are pretty high too since you have to both lead the actual engineering (as you might very well be the only really competent engineer) and also manage / train the local engineers.

these are pretty rare though, in fact other than myself i only know of one other person in this position. i’ve actually met a lot more foreigners who work in taiwan ‘normally’ and are paid taiwan level wages (so not on the expat-package). in this case i’ve seen them do pretty much anything and everything, including EE, software, MIS, etc, no different from a typical taiwan engineer workerbee. usually these ppl have a taiwan wife or husband and are stuck working in taiwan and thus have no opportunity to get an expat-package (or go back to their home countries where they could be making a lot more).