Demographics on Forumosa: occupations

how much degree is this true?

  • English teacher
  • Translator/editor/writer
  • Student
  • Management/business/financial/sales
  • Engineering/science/technology
  • Art/sport/media
  • Farming/fishing/tourism/food
  • Others

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I have two jobs so I put down the one that pays the most.

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Isn`t a lot of editing related to English teaching mags?

I shuck and jive, knit and weave. Is that other?

Anything not fit to the listed options are included in others.

Writing content and teaching are not the same thing. If they were, I would’ve been locked up years ago.

Retired is also an honourable profession, probably the one we will be in longest if we are lucky.


Stay-at-home people, retired people, please choose others.

These results are not what I thought they would be.

Pray tell.

Thought it would mostly be farmers/female farmers and fishermen/fisherwomen.

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Only 18% of the people are English teachers. What a shock.

If many of English teachers are younger people, it is not inconsistent with the age demographics.

Sometimes I feel like I made a bad decision on choosing which career path to take.

What if I’m currently undecided

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Yeah, it makes sense. Many of us started as teachers then moved into marketing/editing/business type roles as we ahem matured.

if your current status is undecided, it may be included to others. I think we can change our vote anytime.

Teaching is slowly moving up in the poll numbers. If you changed the poll to education sector (whether teaching, editing, education consulting, etc.), I would think it would be number 1.

Why would consulting be under education?

Educational consulting.