Demographics on Forumosa: religion

Recently there are some threads on demographics here about age and political standings. This is on religion.

  • Christian
  • Jew
  • Muslim
  • Buddhist
  • Taoist
  • Hindus
  • Atheist
  • FSMist
  • Others

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Christian including all of the denominations (Catholic/protestants/Mormons/etc)

others including everything else (Sikh/animism/apatheist/Jains/etc)

Some other recent demographics

Where are my sikhs at?

What’s FSMist?

Anything not listed are included in others.

FSM: Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I didn’t know they are called pastafarianists.

There’s gotta be more Sikhs and Jains than FSMers…doesn’t seem fair.

Pastafarians to be exact!


iirc, here are some FSMers, so I listed it.

I posted atheist, but I am more an apatheist. I suppose I could have gone other, but atheist seemed closest.

Seems like agnostic should be included…important distinction.

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Good point. I guess this means we should be trying to attract more Sikh and Jain posters.

I also thought animism later, but cannot edit the poll now.


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Like the way you think

Culturally Jewish, but practically speaking I’m an atheist or agnostic (depending on my mood).



Well, found my new fetish.

Where do you think the leaves for these come from? That’s why they smell like feta.


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I would think there would be Mormons on here with their missionaries present on the island.