How old are people on Forumosa?

Biiitch. I own that mag!

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Never used Snapchat, never saw a reason to start using it.

The reason for that being that many moved back home or elsewhere, PROMISING to keep posting but eventually didn’t. Lives change, priorities change, people get older and eventually die. Oh, and not everyone can process sarcasm.

I celebrate my 18th birthday every year. Been doing that for 33 years already.

That’s a good riddle!

You have to remember the main foreign demographic here. It is the education sector. I have a lot of respect for this sector (if they are certified) but let us not forget, their sympathies are far more to the left than the mainstream.

I am pretty mainstream, but have been labelled as quite far to the right on here by some posters. When Gain mentions this site as far to the right, she is right if that means far to the right of most teachers. :smile::smile::smile::smile: But overall, the people labelled as right on here are a lot more moderate and common sense than many and if you look at them as a microcosm of the wider spectrum and demographics.


I’m not in the education sector, and I’m not left-left, I’m center whatever.

You’re hairy right!

I’ve always wondered about the old posters of 2006 to 2012, most moved on and I wonder how many did die eventually. Some literally were prolific posters until they suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

Yikes! That’s depressing to thing about. I hope nobody died.

Or maybe they just got bored with us lol
That’s a happier option.

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Hopefully most of them moved on rather than passing on.

What’s the most boring? Posting on FB sitting in an office or posting on the Flob sitting in an office?

We all die sooner or later, most will pay taxes too.

I know at least three posters that have died, although I had only met one in real life. That was a story in itself.

Scratch that, I met two of them in real life. One killed himself, one died youngish from a heart attack. Terrible.

I’ve been posting on this site since it was …I can’t remember what it was called :slight_smile:. Segue, before Segue?



That’s about since the late 90’s-2000.


And this shows that you have been away from Taiwan a long, long time already, as numbers of foreign teachers have plummeted, plus most people here on Forumosa hold other kinds of jobs not necessarily all related to teaching.

You almost sound Taiwanese as if all foreigners here were US citizens, kindy teachers. Heck, even in your time most teachers were South Africans and Canadians. Now the foreigner population is more varied, we have a huge amount of students and people on work/vacation schemes. There is also an increasing number of independent business people, from restauranteurs to manufacture, due to the fact that now we can be our own biosses more easily and get stuff under our names.


Count me in as one of the Oriented people. :grandpa:

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I started in 1999. Is that Oriented?