Demonstrate Knoweldge of Equal Opportunities

Applying for a new job and I have to do the above. Do you have any idea what I can write?

The position is at a university where I’ll be dealing with students, clients and other technicians. I’ll be running and maintaining various facilities over the campus.

I can answer all of the other questions but am stumped at what to write for this. I have never had to write this kind of thing before. I guess what they are looking for is:

Ability to work with women
Ability to work with people of all religions
Alitiy to work with people from minority backgrounds
Ability to work with people with disabilities

I just can’t seem to find the right kind of wording. I can add personal experiences, but is there anything I’m missing out on?

Please keep this thread serious.



How about “I have no knowledge of there being any equal opportunities in Taiwan, because you’re a bunch of racist…”

Seriously, what are they asking for? Knowledge relating to the issue? Or a commitment to same? Or just to have once seen someone once have the same opportunity as someone else?

My reply would be that I grew up in an environment where nobody discriminated against anyone else and equal opportunities is, in my eyes, the natural state of affairs. I have difficulty imagining working in an environment where equal opportunities are not assumed to be an automatic right, and won’t accept any discrimination in the workplace.

And you might want to add how great it is that this issue is at last being taken seriously in Taiwan.

Cheers Lorri,

This job is not (unfortunately) Taiwan based. If it were I’d be a very happy man. However it is based in my favourite country of all - Australia. I guess I need a rather PC answer, especially as it is a university position.

From the job desciption (quote)

It’s obviously been a long time since you’ve applied for a job position in the UK, where questions like this are usually the first you have to answer - and usually in no less than 200 words…

What are the exact questions, Limey. Are they the ones you’ve listed or is the actual title of the thread the question?

Limey, what you should do is get a hold of the university’s equal opportunity blather (you can be sure they will have one, most likley online) and demonstrate that you read the basic principles, ala, I am aware of policy statement blah blah blah and will unceasingly defend it to the full strength of my underpants, or something like it.

I guess as it is a university it should be a Federal government and not a state guideline (thinking this through is making me feel sick).

Alternatively, you could pepper your response with what if examples, like, I’d only offer a credit pass for a headjob, but only if I thought the student had obvious talent. This proviso would be left open to all races, but I’d prefer Yuki if I could, and actually I don’t want no blokes. However, I’d never post pictures on the net, cos I’m a gentleman.

Good luck.


You could always find out what the Bush appointed supreme court nominees said at their hearings, and say something similar.

For example: [quote]In his short opening statement, Mr Roberts said judges must be “servants of the law, not the other way around”.

“Judges are like umpires. Umpires don’t make the rules - they apply them,” he said.

“The role of an umpire and a judge is critical… But it is a limited role. Nobody ever went to a ball game to see the umpire.” [/quote]

Just change it a little:

[u]Administrators must be servants of the students, not the other way around. Administrators are like umpires. Umpires don’t make the rules - they apply them.

The role of an umpire and a school administrator is critical… But it is a limited role. Nobody ever went to a ball game to see the umpire.[/u]

Nobody will ever know what you’re talking about and you’ll get the job even if the person who is hiring you is a bigot (wouldn’t want to let him think you’ll give special interests to women or minorities that they don’t deserve) or a woman (she’ll take the analogy to mean what she wants it to mean).

Oh yes, the last time I applied for a job in the U.K. was in 1996. Got it too, years of sex, drugs ‘n’ sweaty ballet tights ensued thereafter…

HG - your idea is a good one. I’ll look into find out what their policy is.

DM - that is a direct quote from the bumpf (Good word eh?, very English) they sent me. Nothing more about equal opps. I’ll have a think overnight and try to write something down.

Keep the ideas coming folks,



[color=darkblue]Ability to work with women
Ability to work with people of all religions
Alitiy to work with people from minority backgrounds
Ability to work with people with disabilities


Perhaps something like this:

Demostrate knowledge of equal opportunities/Knowledge of equal opportunity principles.

[b]It is important to respect the needs, requirements and feelings of collegues and students whatever their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, pollitical allignment or disability. To do so requires one to show no prejudice or discrimination towards people who display a degree of divesity to oneself, while at the same time acknowledging the differences between the cultures and backgrounds which make us all individual.
An organisation which successfully employs the observation and application of an equal opportunities policy should achieve the following:

Provide services and opportunities that are open to all.

Provide appropriate training and development opportunities for all.

Provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for all employees, students and visitors.

Commit to developing an organisational culture that values all people and the individual contributions that they make.


I remember writing something like this on an application form (several actually) before.

It’s all bull defecation as I think you should treat people as they treat you, regardless of who they are or who they like to roll around in bed with during their spare time. I was never prejudice before equal opportunities came along and I find it a grave insult to have to prove on paper that I’m not a racist homophobic womanising looney before being offered a position as a “conveyance fueling and maintenance station engineer” (Spotty 18 year old petrol station attendant). However, this is now the way of the world; there’s alot of money to be made with equal opportunities - its a complete industry in itself.

I hope it helps and gives you a few pointers about what you should be thinking about/what they want to hear from you.

All the best with the application,


DM, how can I thank you? That is just what I have been looking for. You have helped me immensely. Cheers buddy!

Further to HG’s suggestion. This is from the Univeristy’s website:

Under the Federal Racial Discrimination Act (1975), Sex Discrimination Act (1984), Disability Discrimination Act (1992), Age Discrimination Act (2004) and the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act (1977), the University is required not to discriminate against students or prospective students on the grounds of age, disability, homosexuality (male or female), marital status, pregnancy, race (including colour, nationality, descent, ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin, and immigration), religious or political affiliation, views or beliefs, sex, and transgender or transsexuality. Under the University of New South Wales Act (1989), the University declares that it will not discriminate on the grounds of religious or political affiliations, views or beliefs.

University Commitment to Equal Opportunity in Education

As well as recognising its statutory obligations as listed, the University will eliminate discrimination on any other grounds which it deems to constitute disadvantage. The University is committed to providing a place to study free from harassment and discrimination, and one in which every student is encouraged to work towards her/his maximum potential. The University further commits itself to course design, curriculum content, classroom environment, assessment procedures and other aspects of campus life which will provide equality of educational opportunity to all students.

Special Admissions Schemes

The University will encourage the enrolment of students who belong to disadvantaged groups through programs such as the University Preparation Program and the ACCESS Scheme. Where members of disadvantaged groups are particularly under-represented in certain disciplines, the responsible faculties will actively encourage their enrolment.

Support of Disadvantaged Students

The University will provide support to assist the successful completion of studies by disadvantaged group members through such means as the Aboriginal Education Program and the Learning Centre. It will work towards the provision of other resources, such as access for students with impaired mobility, assistance to students with other disabilities, the provision of a parents room on the upper campus, and increased assistance with English language and communication.

Course Content, Curriculum Design, Teaching and Assessment, and Printed Material

Schools and faculties will monitor course content (including titles), teaching methods, assessment procedures, written material (including study guides and handbook and Calendar entries) and audiovisual material to ensure that they are not discriminatory or offensive and that they encourage and facilitate full participation in education by disadvantaged people.

Equal Opportunity

The University will continue to provide equal opportunity advice and support to students who feel that they have been harassed or who consider they have been disadvantaged in their education by practices and procedures within the University.

Harassment Policy

The University is committed to ensuring freedom from harassment for all people working or studying within the institution. It will continue to take action, including disciplinary action, to ensure that freedom from harassment is achieved.

Now if we could just get ImaniOU’s prospective employers to read and understand this! L.

Nice one Dangermouse. Casting the snivelling equal opportunity eye to that suggests a UK list. Oz has indigenous people and not much religious diversity that we care to talk about, as yet.

Just spied this from my old uni:

. . . not sure about capitalsing Indigenous, but I’d be scared not to now! Fer fecksake, don’t forget Australia has indigenous people, erh, I mean among all the other equally important people.

[quote] The ANU as an equal opportunity employer. The Australian National University is committed to the promotion of equal opportunity for all persons including women, Indigenous Australians, people of all racial and ethnic groups and people with disabilities. (why no special mention of fat, bald middle-aged white blokes like me . . or is that covered under people with disabilities?) Suitably qualified women and men are encouraged to apply for positions in fields that are not traditional areas for their employment (Brilliant! I always wanted to be a wet nurse! . . but what about those caught somewhere between being a man and a woman?). The University

Mmm, maybe I should think about slipping an Indigenous person in there too. HG, I can understand your frustration, but given the opportunity I’d take Oz over Blighty anyday of the week.

No cap for indigenous. Oz Aborigines get a cap. Others don’t. Don’t know why, though.
DM, that was great. I copied and pasted it for future reference – I would have no clue how to answer such a question, either, and would probably say something like: “I’m not racist. Why, some of my best friends are English!”

If it comes down to a personal interview, you could always use the old
"Ah yes, well, that’s an easy one for me because my (insert grand- or great grand- relly) was (ethnicity/religion stated).
And just keep doing it.
Hey, it works for SuchAFob

You’re welcome.