Denied a 3 year visa ?!?

Ok - I’ll try to keep this story short - please stay with me…

10 years ago I was infected with syphilis from my ex-wife (A lovely parting gift). I was subsequently treated for the infection and never had a relapse.

Fast forward - I came to Taiwan in 2004 and went through the normal health check procedures at Taipei City Hospital. All systems normal.

This year - I just completed my health check and there was a problem. My syphillis test came back with slight antibody trace in the report. I immeiately saw the doctor who examined me and determined that I was in perfect health. It seems that once you receive such a serious infection in your body you may/may not show trace antibodies for many years to come (If not forever).

Ok - Today - Today my employer got a call from The Ministry of Labor saying that they are not willing to renew my ARC for 3 years (My renewed contract was for 3 years) because of this latest health check.

When I received the initial report from the hospital, and was seen by the doctor he certified (In writing and by his chit) that I was in perfect health - that the blood test was a false positive result. Further, he issued a certification letter from the hospital explaining exactly this to the Ministry of Labor (Should of course they have any questions)

I guess I need your help. The ministry is only willing to renew one year for me now - they want me to have a health check each and every year.
If this is the case I won’t be able to get a license (illegal scooter), settle down or plan any sort of long term goals in Taiwan.

Do I have a fight here? Should I challenge this insanity? What is my recourse, who can I turn to for help. My initial reaction is to go down there and have a face-to-face with the agent and her manager - can you advise my best course of action?

Thanks :wink:

I would go for the one year visa.

By the time next year rolls around, you can be sure to get some medical attention before your next physical, and be sure that the blood test does not reveal a “false positive” again …

if you already have a license, you should be able to renew it for the duration of your one year ARC …

I agree. However…

I’m no expert on STDs or any kind of diseases, but I don’t believe there is any kind of medical treatment that will prevent a false positive result. I think it would be a crap shoot every year. I’d try to reason with the MoL and also try to get the second opinion of another doctor to support my case if I were in this sort of situation. If that failed, then I suppose there’s nothing left to do but take the one year visa.