Denied entry to hospitals (and photographed without consent)

In practice.

I’m not at all familiar with Taiwan’s medical system, but it would surprise me if one showed-up at a hospital needing treatment and being turned away (or refused an appointment) if one possessed only a passport-ID but no official ID of Taiwanese origin.

I would as well. I imagine it’s a case of the people in the front having been told ‘nobody comes in without an ID’ and them not considering other options.

My son went to the hospital with me a few weeks back and he didn’t have his NHI card and they let him in after a 30-second explanation. This was a larger hospital in Taipei though.

EDIT - in pre-pandemic days, I know for a fact that foreigners without NHI or insurance were able to visit and receive treatment that was more expensive than normal but reasonable.

That’s what I assumed. Good to know that’s the way it is. But next time I’m in Taiwan, I will get an Id with just my passport from the NIA following the instructions from a link posted on this forum.

changhua is not quite but close to being the boonies aka bumf*** taiwan

its been awhile since i been there but people used to rush out of their homes to forbid me to park in front of their house on a public road in changhua. they are backwards over there…backwards.

As such if someone photographs you, you have a reason to photograph them i. a self defense sense. Thats a hill i would die on. Just dont get dumb and post it on the internet.

SWIM has photographed naked people shitting os said persons land and taken ot to the police to get them to F right off. Happens weekly, is often on video. Photograph people doing douche things.

Never forget the governemnt promoted snitching via photos in traffic. So it cant be that strict. Lawyer for sure, but have some fight in you if you are in the right.

the post is about Taiwanese law.

An article on Taiwanese law.