Dental Care Suggestions in Taiwan

Hello, I am currently in Yilan, TW and I would like to get my teeth checked, deep cleaned, and possibly get some fillings redone. However, I have absolutely no idea how much it would cost, where to go (general hospital, private dentist, and etc.), what to ask and how to proceed. Ideally, if I can get a ball park on how much it’ll cost or any help in general would be greatly appreciated. Also time frame would take to get appointments to do fillings and etc. I do have TW NHI ID card. Thank you in advance.

If you have NHI I think a cleaning is like 300. Just walk around Yilan and find a clean looking dentist and make an appointment for a cleaning and checkup.

There’s an incredible spectrum of dentists that bill to NHI in Taiwan. Some have decent, modern interiors; others look like you’ll get the whole alphabet of Hepatitis by going in. Personally I go to, which is private. They don’t take NHI but the cost is quite reasonable.

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