Dental Costs?

Hi folks! I’m wondering if anyone has a sense of how much a dental crown costs right now either in Taipei or Kaohsiung? With and/or without national insurance. Any input would be really appreciated - I’m based in the US now and am considering coming back for a visit and knocking out some fillings and a crown, but my uncle told me that crowns can cost up to 8million NT?? He also seemed unsure of what a crown is so I figured I’d solicit ya’ll…

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depends on the doctor, the crown material, hiw complicated your condition is etc… i’ve been quoted between 50K to 120K.

NT$8mn? hahahahahah. Your uncle needs to have some cognitive tests taken.


thanks for sharing! i have no idea where my uncle is getting 8million from…although that’s about the same as i would get state side…

i figured something was off? might just be the language barrier, could be my fault

I have had several Crowns done in Taipei - the last about 5 years ago. Given that the Dentist is a friend of my partner we get them at cost and the last one was about TWD12K - so maybe double that. Bridges are more, but not Double the cost of a Crown.

As you will have noticed, Dentists are rather common, partly because the NHS covers basic stuff like Checkups, fillings and the like. The big earners for them seem to be Braces for kids.

Some are in the business of “Dental Tourism” - best avoided as you pay Tourist prices there.

hmmm what a big difference from what @izzy quoted from above! even 24k is significantly less than what they quoted on the low end (50k). maybe because yours was done 5 years ago? thanks so much for sharing.

I think your best idea would be to go and shop around a few in your area.

maybe he confused implants with crowns, a friend of mine got dental implants and the bill was 1 million ++.

my wife got tons of implants, under NT$1mn. So, even NT$8mn is like what? Implants and a small apartment in Tucheng?

yes, the doc’s daughter needs a place to live :slight_smile:


I think you might be right, that makes more sense, even if he was still pretty off :stuck_out_tongue:

Around 30k.

Your uncle is insane.


Thanks! I think there was just a miscommunication.

mine was 7knt. metal, not the nice looking white ones. on wisdom tooth so didn’t care about aesthetics.

more important than costs, is finding a good dentist. there are loads of shitty ones, so do some research.

I am on visit 17 I think it is now just to clean a root…they can be pretty bad at their jobs, choose wisely.

When I go back and have the tooth checked and measured, will post the price quotes for the crown. last time I had one the root canal etc was all covered under basic NHI, but not the crown.

How much are checkups and fillings w/ NHI? Do you know by any chance?

Just need to pay registration fee plus any pills you get. Recently I go to the hospital dentists, the registration fee jumped up recently. It was $150/visit, now it is 170.

sounds great, but the reality is often the hospitals run a scam and want more visits as the NHI system pays per visit and they make millions. it isnt great, and is bankrupting the system :frowning: I try to push hard for more efficient visits with doctors so they dont end up costing the tax payer unnecessarily. but they still do.

So it seems cheap at the register, but it is costing us a lot collectively.


Do you think it’s better to go to a private practice vs hospitals? I don’t mind paying more if it reduces overall cost. $170NTD/visit is dirt cheap compare to what I was accustom to.

most hospitals are private.

I think the most important thing is the doctor, plus the attention to sanitation at the business. hospitals can be super dirty and an intern mill. so it isnt a guarantee. Clinics can be spectacular. doctors are like mechanics. hit and miss. when you find a good one, hold onto them!

where I live, good dentistry is like a unicorn. going forward I will just bite the bullet and lose money travelling further to a decent dentist. have had too many problems to justify it now.

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Oh man, i don’t mind paying more for good dentistry. There should be a thread about good Dentists in Taiwan.

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