Dental Implants in Taipei -- Recommendations?

Does anyone have recent experience with dental implants? I need a molar extraction and an implant. One quote for the implant was 100,000NT with a 9-month wait between the extraction/bone graft and the implant. Is that normal? Seems like quite a wait.

9-12 months is about right. After the extraction and graft you have to wait 4-6 months for the bone to grow back and harden. Then they install the socket(drill and tap, just like metal) and screw the socket in. You then have to wait another 4-5 months for the socket to bond with the bone. Then they screw the post to the socket, take a form, order your new tooth (3-4 days) and glue the new tooth on the post. I paid half that in Taichung (50K). Dentist did a good job, no complaints.

Sometimes is can take longer. If after the 1st graft there is not enough bone mass, they have to do another graft, another 4-6 months.