Dentist in Zhonghe or Yonghe areas?

I’m looking for a good dentist in the Zhonghe or Yonghe areas. I just went to one of the local ones this morning, and it wasn’t a good experience …The idiot tried to fill a tooth without (a) using novacaine or (b) even drilling the cavity … he just wanted to stick a filling on top of it! I’m looking for a dentist who will do a thorough examination, cleaning, and knows how to fill a cavity properly. Please let me know if you have a good recommendation in the Zhonghe or Yonghe areas ASAP! Thanks!

I know a good guy right near guting station, if that’s convenient for you. called kuai-an, roosevelt road sec 2 no 70 5F, same building as the tai-yi electronics store. has done a good job on my fillings.