Dentist near Hsinchu City?

Any suggestions / s as I need a dentist near Hsinchu city, I have had bracelets made in philippines and I would like to continue my monthly adjustment here in Taiwan.

If you live near the science park, I have had good experiences here:

Mingwei (明威)

It is very popular and if you don’t make an appointment before hand, you would wait for 2 hours or more.

I go to this one more often and it’s a bit closer to the city

Imperial Dental care (品御)

The English name is a bit intimidating, but there’s no stormtroopers inside. The dentists are really nice, though appointment is also required.

You can try Beethoven clinics web-link. They have different locations. I am sure that the one at 新竹市東區建功一路59巷6號 is specialized on bracelets installations. But you should be prepared that such treatment is not covered by NHI.