Dentist NOT using resin

Has anyone found any dentist in Taipei/New Taipei area that is NOT working with resin?

I got laser, I got Invisalign, I got whatever specialists you want in my area. All are using resin. I hate it because when you have to change it, it becomes a curly mess.

This is a head-scratcher for me. All the dentists I’ve seen who used to use amalgam now use resin…despite the fact that amalgam is much stronger and longer-lasting. And there doesn’t seem to be any convincing evidence that the mercury in amalgam has any negative health effects…except possibly on very young children.

In the old country we use ceramic. Amalgams are ugly and there is also the debatable and debated health issue. Anyways, they have gone the way of the dodo. Now, replacing metal with friggin plastic does not seem too healthy to me, especially in the mouth.

Wow, rich people.

We treat foreigners. :rofl:

Well, at least my cousin who is a dentist and works on my teeth, does.

So, anyone? Seriously, the woman painted a tapestry of verbal abuse last time she had to work on taking the stuff out and warned me next time she wouldn´t do it cause it might ruin her equipment.

Ceramic is almost as expensive as gold fillings, then give me the shine!

I think I´ll be luckier finding someone working in gold here rather than ceramic.

Seriously? It is commonly used back in the old country. Maybe in Europe dental work is very expensive?

Most if not everyone has dental for most procedures. But they almost always use anesthesia, gives them another code on the bill, makes more money.

Probably go to one of the old school ones. Not really my first choice, but they’ll probably have old school amalgam?

I dread to imagine my cousin´s reaction of I show up with amalgam… if I can find someone here using it.

This guy says he still does the 銀粉, in fact he prefers it for the back teeth as the resin is too soft. He uses resin on the front teeth for cosmetic reasons. He’s a good dentist in my experience. No idea about his English though.

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Supposedly, the main drawback of amalgam is that it can expand and cause a tooth to crack, although I’ve never had this happen.

What did you get put in previously and where? I had 3 white fillings replaced last year without any issue.

Resin, here in Taiwan. I was quite satisfied but it was a bit uneven but my cousin saw cracks and when she tried to remove it, the thing would curl at the drill head. Basically, like spooning molasses.

Sounds like an issue with the material and/or curing process used.

I think the filling was already gone and was just replaced by caramel.