Dentist recommendations for dealing with a cracked tooth

I discovered I have a cracked molar that will probably need to be extracted. Does anyone have experience or recommendations for dealing with an extraction and an implant in Taipei? I guess it doesn’t have to be all in the same place, but I’d like to find a reliable dentist to whom I can fall back for complicated interventions.

At the bare minimum I need an hospital that is equipped to deal with the extraction in an hygienic manner (at the hospital I usually go to the dentist said they can’t really deal with that).

Taiwan Adventist Hospital in Taipei is reliable for most health issues. I’ve never had dental work done there, but they do have a ward for it.

I don’t seem to be able to make an appointment on their website, there is only an available doctor listed for the whole of June and he’s already full.

Should I go with the International Priority Care Center?

I had an extraction for the same issue at Met Dent near DaAn park, they have an oral surgeon who comes a couple of times a month to do extractions etc. They do implants through their regular in-house dentists but I decided not to get one there for various reasons. Recommend the oral surgeon but not any other services, receptions generally speak English however you may need to have a regular appointment before they will schedule the oral surgeon appointment.

If you are willing to travel, the oral surgeon at the Buddhist “Tzu Chi” hospital in Xindian is excellent, speaks perfect English and is very professional. Downside is the queuing system is nigh on impossible to understand, even if you speak Chinese. Excellent service otherwise and he also does implants. They have quite a range of specialties and are reluctant to extract so he may refer you to another dentist to see if the tooth can be saved unless you are insistent. It’s also a teaching hospital so you may have students looking on and being coached on proceedings so if that would bother you then look elsewhere.

That’s more expensive. If your main concern is hygiene like you said, any major hospital should be able to do a credible job. Where was it that couldn’t handle what sounds like a pretty basic procedure?

It was Cheng Hsin hospital, the nearest to my place.

That’s a good hospital in my experience, but no idea about their dental. I got perfectly good dental work done at Rong Zong (Veteran’s General) once, and things have gotten a lot better there with the new outpatient wing open.

I already fixed an appointment with Dr. Xia at Tzu Chi hospital, I’m hopeful it will be all right since SuperS54 went for my exact problem and was satisfied.

So far I had a good experience at Cheng Hsin (I’ve been there for dermatology) and the dentist was professional and explained herself well, but they were under-equipped for dealing with an extraction.

I might check out Veteran’s Hospital next time.

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Let us know how it worked out.

Just to clarify, I went to Met Dent for a cracked molar extraction, and a lower wisdom tooth extraction also now that I think of it, happy with their visiting oral surgeon both times.

Also had a molar extraction at Tzu Chi and was very happy with the experience, other than the uncertainty over wait period.

Dr Xu was the guy I seen, Dr Xia is department head, lucky to get an appointment with him!

So as a conclusion: I went today to remove the stitches, the extraction went well and the gums are healing fine. Dr. He, the doctor’s aid, did most of the work on my tooth, Dr. Xia was present two of the three times I was there, mostly dealing with other patients (there were people who probably had a much worse condition than mine in the waiting room).

The whole process took three appointments and cost less then NTD500, this is the second tooth I have extracted and I already know what I should do, but if this is your first extraction and you need to plan how to proceed from there you might need to either ask explicitly or, possibly, look elsewhere.

Over all, if it wasn’t so far from my place I’d be satisfied with calling it my dentist in Taipei.

Eh having just had this issue:

Must a cracked molar be treated at a hospital?

not really, most clinics can do it too unless its very complicated.

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Thanks. I’m waiting for my usual place to have my appointment.

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Take care :slight_smile:

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I have pretty much the same issue and to start with I’m going to ask here.

I need a tooth extracted. I have gone to the Tzu Chi hospital in Xindian and I like the hospital, but I had a cleaning there a few weeks and it was one of the most painful I’ve ever had.

Also, the English speaking dentist I had gave me some advice about a tooth that was contradicted by another specialist I saw there about a potential implant. The specialist did a brief intervention on the spot and I think he was right about the issue the other dentist gave me the contradictory advice.

In short, I’m not exactly keen to have him do the extraction and I seem to get the same dentist each time I go there.

He also gave me drugs to take for a few days prior to the extraction, which I’ve never been prescribed before (I think they just usually give an anaesthetic when extracting a tooth - and last time I had a tooth extracted it was painless). I don’t know if this is because they make money on subsidised drugs here so everyone prescribes drugs for any condition or if it is something that will genuinely assist the procedure.

In short: I need an extraction of a molar and would like a good dentist I can use with my national health insurance.

Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations.

NTU Hospital dentist. For some reason they’re about the only trusted ones in Taiwan. I’ve been through too many others. All have been hopeless and have caused more damage or done shoddy work. And when I’ve asked about getting implants or crowns have been fobbed off only to be left with cracked and chipped teeth that still need fixing.

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He might have given you antibiotics. Usually it’s only given if the person has a heart condition that could be affect by an infection as a result of dental work.

Thanks, that doesn’t sound like me. I’ve never taken so many drugs since coming this country, in fact I pretty much only take them as a last resort because care about what I put into my body, rather than a routine practice, as seems to be the case in Taiwan.