Dentists in Taiwan: FAQ and Resources


Try Jerry Lin, he's a Harvard graduate. Never went to see him though.
Tel: 2707-6776


I have visited him last year. I found him very helpful. I think his clinic is "Aria Dental Clinic" and is in 37-Dong Fong Street, somewhere close to DaAn MRT station.


I was at Chicago Clinic near Sogo. They are ok and speak english. I assume they studied in Chicago.
Address is RenAi Sec. 4 Alley 151 No.39, 2 floor. Phone: 2731-5566
My suggestion ask about male doctor, female didn't seem take good care about me.



Went to Dr. Mike listed above...

Very friendly... speaks pretty good english.
Clean private office.

Very quick, very efficient.


Has anyone out there had any dealings with the Boston dental clinic in Taipei ? I was recently told by the Dr. that I need ed two root canals. Neither of my teeth really hurt much at the time, but one hurt a little when I ate sweet things. I was told that root canal work is not covered under the health insurance and that the total price would be around NT$20,000. I was charged NT$ for a temporary crown, which I haven't paid for yet.
I have decided to get a second opinion after talking with friends about the situation.
I am not saying that the clinic is a dishonest one, I would just like to hear other's opinions.


Hello. I am looking for a good english speaking dentist. I have read everything and I have found that NY dental clinic is a good place to go. I have a receding gum line that I really need to get fixed. Do you still recommend ny? Do you know of any other good dentist that are known to fix this problem? HELP!


Also, does anyone know anything about Chicago Dental Clinic on Ren Ai. I know that they both went to Northwestern. Has anyone been there?


I went to a dentist on Zhongxiao Rd. in Taipei, close to City Hall, accros the street of the GEANT market. He is on the 2nd or 3rd floor, by a Kindergarten. He studied at NorthWestern, speaks great english and does a good job.


I just went to the NY Dental Clinic in Taipei. Highly recommended.

They are very professional, and the service is similar in quality to what I would expect in the States. The dentist not only spoke English well, but also offered good advice. He took the time to find out what the problem was by asking lots of questions and finally suggested a solution. He also understood my position in terms of cost/insurance etc.

This kind of service is in stark contrast to what I have come to expect from Taiwanese medical professionals. I have been to a dermatologist and another dentist and I feel like they just ask, "What do you want?", then give you whatever you say you want and send you on your merry way. Not the best approach for health care, in my opinion.

New York Dental Clinic, 2F, No. 28 Roosevelt Rd Sec. 1.
Tel: 2395-1658.


Had good treatment there too, from Mr Lee(?), don't let his wife near you though, unless you only need your teeth cleaned and even then prepare for the worst....


I have a broken touth and I'm not interested in going to a regular dentist to get the tooth pulled out and have it replaced by a titanium splint.
I know back home in Norway few dentists do that, they often recomend you to a special clinic or hospital with spesilised department for mouth and jaw.


Righto, I loathe dentists with a vengeance, but, and I'm sure this is a result of them fucking with my teeth as a kid, I now have issues only one of these loathesome creatures can restore.

I'm interested in knowing, on a cost and value basis, which is better, Taiwan or Thailand?

I'm currently in HK and I would never let one of these overated quacks here glance at my teeth for what they charge. I have insurance, but only so much, I figure it will go further in either Taiwan or Thailand. Hell I'll turn it into a one week dental fricking holiday.

Edit: I figure I'll probably need three crowns. I did get a tooth crowned in Taipei for NT$10,000 (the cost of a filling in HK), but I no longer have a jianbao card.




If it is a titanium implant that you're looking to have put in has a useful search function which locates it's members in Taiwan.

Another good site details the procedure.

Will be having similar work done in the near future to replace a loose tooth, but haven't decided where to have it done yet. If anyone has had this work carried out it would be good to hear your experiences.




Easy to find? Anyone know the closest MRT station?



It's a short walk from the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station, Exit 3.




Sorry but it's exit 2. Walk to the light and you will see it. It's on the same block as Hess Kindy.


I think Taiwan is much better since so many good dentists were introduced. Comapring to your home country, you would not get the same price on that crown. A crown valued NT$10,000 should be top-level. The basic type of crown I could remember is about 2,000-3,000.

I know many of insurer at your home town may not accpet crown as medical curing but as cosmetic. I think it should be negotiable and you just need a attoney to find out the rule.


Well, I guess she was having a bad day? This afternoon, I paid the NY Dentistry a visit for the first time and had a very positive experience. My dentist was Ms. Lai (the female dentist) and she started off my check up with x-rays of my mouth and examined them for cavities (i didn’t have any :slight_smile: ). Then she sat me down in the chair asked me if I’d ever had a “sonogram” before… I think she used the wrong word, but she was trying to ask me if i have ever had my teeth cleaned with the instrument that she uses, which was basically a mega tooth pick that shoots out water. She had a good sense of humor and, I thought, good bedside manner. You could call her jolly. She cleaned my teeth (not just a polish) very thouroughly and yes, she put the mask over my face (which i was thankful for, otherwise i’d have plaque all over my face… ew). She gave me a friendly tutorial on how to floss correctly and i was outta there. Quick, easy, high quality… all for 150 NT. If you just need a routine check up and a good cleanin, she does a good job.

I would recommend the female dentist, Dr. Lai, to anyone!


I seriously believe a Taiwan dentist screwed my teeth. I need three caps on molars.Thailand is winning by a long way.

Taiwan dentists are eons behind Thailand. Don’t let them anywhere near your teeth.