Dentists in Taiwan: FAQ and Resources


Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Taipei, East Side?

I think I might need a root canal...

Preferabley a Dentist available after work, like 7-9 pm something like that.

On the subject of root canals, how much does it hurt and for how long? My gum hurts, right behind the bottom molar, so I am suspecting.

Thanks for the info.


Here's the address for a dentist/ortho I know. His English name is Richard.

2F., No.51, Sec. 1, Fusing S. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Dr. Lih-Juh Chou
Tel: 27520796

I've had 2 root canals here and they do a pretty good job of numbing you up. Up to that point I'd been terrified of dental work and root canals, but it really was a lot easier than I expected. Go soon! You'll probably wonder why you waited so long!



Thanks for the info!

By the way, how long did your mouth hurt for after the root canal? Can you eat/talk properly? Swollen?

How fast was the operation? Thanks, I've never done a root canal before, and I'm really afraid of pain.


Home Love clinic in Danshui (opposite Zhuwei station).
I was there on Monday when my brother had an incredible 11 fillings done in under 2 hours with no syringe injections, they used some kind of painless osmosis technology to deliver the anesthetics. My mum had her root canal done by the same great woman Dr. Lin Yu Han a year ago and it was literally pain-free.


Thanks....but what about closer to the East Side? Danshui is too far...


It really didn't hurt at all after any of the procedures. It took three or four visits from start to finish. Getting the nerves out the first visit, they make sure they got everything the second visit, and shave off part of the tooth and cover it up with a temp filling material. I think it's the third visit when they make a cast or maybe right after the clean up the tooth. Then you come back when the crown's been made and they put it on.

For each visit I allowed about an hour; some were much shorter.

I was really afraid of dental work too, but once I got it all done, I felt like I had a brandnew mouth.


Anyone know of online English docs that state what is covered under the NHI?

I wanna visit a Dentist soon, just for general routine maintenance, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, maybe teeth whitening, and curious what's covered, what's not, level of service in Taiwan, approximate costs for non-covered material.

Thanks, :notworthy:


The closest thing I can find for you is then click on the English link.

Call my friend Richard. Honest, and a nice guy.


Thanx, I tried the link but only found the following under the FAQ:

Q1: What is the coverage under the NHI program?

The insured is entitled to receive the following comprehensive medical benefits:

(1) The outpatient service, impatient care and drugs that are provided by the
contracted medical care stitutions in the case of illness, injury or childbearing.

(2) The preventive health care, such as children's preventive health care, prenatal
examinations and adult's health examinations.

(3) After receiving emergency treatment at a non-contracted medical institution in
Taiwan, or at a medical institutions overseas, beneficiaries may subsequently
apply to the BNHI for cash reimbursement of medical expenses paid out-of-
pocket. Reimbursements are made according to the fee schedules published by
the BNHI.

Not much on dental care provided, what is not and how much are the costs for extras such as X-Rays, teeth whitening, fluoride treatment.


My favorite is at Hsin Tung St., Alley 30, #42 (near intersection of Fuyuan St. and Minsheng E. Rd.) He speaks good English, has given me 3 caps and a root canal over the years.


I have visited 2 dentists since moving to Hsinchu both for the reason of cleaning and fluoride treatment. On both occasions they scraped around a bit for about 30 seconds and pronounced "all done!" My last experience was just last night as I am getting some old fillings removed. He seems competent enough for that service.

So I am looking for a dentist that will clean, whiten, and provide a fluoride treatment in as thorough a fashion as I would have experienced back home. I want come out of the office with a smile blindingly white. Anyone know of such a place? Preferably in Hsinchu but certainly willing to drive to Taipei.


Any good dentists within 15 minutes' walk of an MRT? I have a fractured tooth which hasn't cracked. Anyone with any experience of getting either seen to?


i've been to this guy a few times for fillings and a wisdom tooth extraction and he always does a good job.

kuai an - roosevelt rd sec 2 no 70 5F-7. same building as the daiichi electronics store. right next to guting mrt station.



Dr. Money-Grubbing Lee is gone to Seattle.

Now, at the same Landmark Dental Clinic, Dr. Hsu is continuing the practice.

He's fantastic. Highly recommended. He's also not cheap, but his work is worth it.

Also, his prices are up to 50% lower than what Dr. Lee was charging. English spoken.

Dr. Hsu
Landmark Dental Clinic
156 Zhong Cheng Road
02 2838 0201


does anybody have any fresh information about good dentist in taipei city (Roosvelt rd.,Dunhua,Muzha)?


I just went to a very good dentist:

Dr. Mike Lui

Location: Right beside Zhong Shan Junior High School MRT, second floor

368 Fu Xing East Road

They have another location that is also close to there.

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am -1:30 pm, 2:30 pm - 6 pm, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, Saturdays 10 am - 6 pm

He got his training and degree from the States and he speaks English pretty well. He accepts NHI so the cost of a check up is the usual 150NT. He's pretty straight forward with you. He showed me 3 places where I need to brush harder and be careful with or else they will develop into cavities eventually. He doesn't give any attitude about how good he is and he's very friendly. His office also has other dentists but I don't know if they speak English and I can't vouch on their expertise.


Do you have a phone number for the clinic?


Sorry, forgot the telephone #: 2505-1776 or the other office: 2503-3977


What dentist (in Taipei) do you take you child to? Do "pediatric dentists" exist in Taiwan? Thanks.


hi there, does anyboby know of an English speaking dentist who can do "caps." those expensive things back home that are 400 a pop,