Dentures recommendations and costs?

My father (age 70) might be coming to visit in the spring and has asked me what it might cost for a full set of dentures. He’s hoping he can get a better deal here. I assume he can’t get on my medical or anything like that. Just asking for a general price and location in Taipei area.


I’m sure they will be much cheaper in Taiwan than most other places. I’m not sure that health insurance is even an issue, as dentures are considered “cosmetic” and not covered. Try calling the orthodontic departments of the main hospitals to get basic quotes.

I’m not sure about a full set but my upper partial with 2 teeth was 20,000 NT at Evergreen Dental in Banciao on Jhongshan Rd, section 1 at the corner diagonally across from Starbucks at Fuzhong MRT