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No the real gotham here is either new taipei or taichung
source: trust me i’m taiwanese

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But Keelung is so depressing it makes you want to commit a crime. Just the mold spores alone could make you criminally insane.

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or the mushroom that keep coming out of the corner. true story.

I’ve seen mushrooms growing out of scooter mats!

I always thought it was just a more depressing version of Yilan. I had no idea Keelung was the violent crime capital of Taiwan. I’ll be sure to hold my pocketbook tightly if I go visit.

Moldy, ugly, gloomy, dismal.


I’m thinking of committing a violent crime just looking at that photo.

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Population 1905–1943

this is on babies, though.


校園安全暨災害防救通報處理中心: Campus Security Report Center

主要為其他類意外傷害事件 324 件,運動、遊戲傷害 123件,及校外交通意外事件 57 件

幼兒(稚)園發生 256件(每一萬人發生 6 件)
主要為其他意外事件(170 件),運動、遊戲傷害(41 件),及校外交通意外事件(31 件)。

Total of kinder to univ


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Stat on marriage

marital status in 2015, US

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Stat of MOTC

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Household registration statistics data analysis in September 2019

  1. According to the household registration data, there were 8,824,319 households at the end of September 2019. Compared with the same month last year, there increased 101,322 households with an increase rate of 1.16%.
  2. By the end of September 2019, the total population was 23,593,783 with an increase of 16,295 compared with the same month last year. The population growth rate was 0.07% which meant that the average daily increase was 45.
  3. By the end of August 2019, the male population was 11,704,227 and female population was 11,889,556 . The sex ratio was 98.44 with male to female.
  4. There were 14,533 babies born in September 2019 which increase 4.46% compared with the same month last year. The average showed that a baby was born about every 3.0 minutes. The annual crude birth rate was 7.49‰.
  5. There were 13,866 deaths in August 2019 which increased 7.61% compared with the same month last year. The average showed that there was about one death at every 3.1 minutes. The annual crude death rate was 7.15‰.
  6. The couples of marriage were 11,656 in September 2019. Including 11,328 couples of different genders and 328 couples of the same gender. The annual crude marriage rate was 6.01‰.
  7. The couples of divorce were 4,402 in September 2019 Including 4,386 couples of different genders and 16 couples of the same gender. The annual crude divorce rate was 2.27‰.
  8. There were 90,276 in-migrants in September 2019 which increased 19.40% compared with the same month last year. In the same time were 90,954 out-migrants which increased 19.03% compared with the same month last year.
  9. At the end of September 2019, the indigenous people was 570,074 with an increase of 5,954 compared with the same month last year (2.42% of the total population).
  10. At the end of September 2019, the population aged 0 to 14 was 3,020,484 (12.80 % of the total population). The population aged 15 to 64 was 17,020,612 (72.14%). The population aged over 65 was 3,552,687 (15.06%). In addition, the population aged over 20 was 19,306,145 (81.83%).
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Some interesting statistics…

These numbers are not matching.
What other ways of increasing/decreasing the population other than birth/death?

And we still have posters complaining they cannot find a girlfriend… :smirk:

The difference is exactly 11,000?! Interesting…

What are in-migrants and out-migrants?
Perhaps, it’s related to my first question?

Yes, it is related to the total population.
Added: but, they compare the numbers in the same months in different years, so we cannot know the variations in between the two months from the descriptions.

Numbers of citizens who lost their active HHR due to moving to non-taiwan area, and who created/reactivated their HHR.

I think it is wrong. It is the numbers of citizens who moved in their HHR somewhere including who created their HHR, and who moved out their HHR from somewhere including who went to non taiwan area. Not only from and to non taiwan area.

their Chinese pages have more info.

Oh too much to try to make sense of! Thanks though

Air pollution

Soil and water pollution

Cancer statistics


In English

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Traffic accidents

Deaths within 30 days

Death within 24 hours