Departure Card - Lost

I think I lost my departure card. What to do?
Can I just get another original and fill it in?
Do I have to expect some hassle at the immigration counter when leaving Taiwan? Don’t have work permit or ARC yet …

You didn’t mention what kind of visa you have. I’ll make the assumption that it is a short term visa.

quote[quote]Can I just get another original and fill it in? [/quote]

You are speaking of the yellow sheet attached in the passport? Yes, in my experience you can just get another original at the airport and fill it in. You won’t have to serve a lengthy prison sentence or anything.

Yep, it’s a 30 day visitor visa and the yellow slip which is missing.
Since it’s numbered I wasn’t sure if I can just use another card - as well I can’t remember if it was stamped when I arrived …

The yellow slip is normally stamped with your entry date on the back. But that entry date is stamped in your passport as well.

If they asked you what happened to it, you could make up a story like “Oh, the Police were looking at it when I went to the Foreign Affairs Police Department to see about renewing my visa, and I guess they kept it!” Stories like that are always fun.

This has happened to me twice…losing the yellow slip. Just go into the Passport Control Area in the Airport and ask them for another yellow slip. They give it, fill it out, and hand it in with your passport.

Problem solved

Essentially this is correct, however I don’t believe you want to ask for a new yellow slip . . . . that yellow slip is actually one page of a two or three part form. So what you want to do is to get one of those forms, fill it out completely (no carbon paper needed) and hand it back to the official involved in its entirety.

Thanks, I got another (new) form and will take the slip from there.