Dependent visa and u.s naturalization

Hi good day everyone!

I would like to ask if anyone here has done the application of dependent visa and U.S naturalization for their Filipina migrant worker here in Taiwan?

My husband and I got married last January 11,2023. We are confused on what to do first. We are planning to process the documents regarding dependent visa or naturalization. We would also like to know your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you so much.

It sounds like you are talking about greencard (resident visa) and U.S. citizenship. First, you will have to move to U.S. for both. Second, greencard comes first. After living in U.S. on greencard, then you apply to get naturalized. Minimum is 3 years of residency. Have documents of how you met and how long (pictures of dating each year, wedding photos, etc.), so USCIS does not think it’s fraudulent).

Hi thank you for the reply. We don’t plan to live in the U. S because my husband is a teacher and we decided to stay here for a long time. It’s just that, we want to apply for dependent visa in Taiwan as well as get me a U.S passport if possible.

Cannot get either then. Must reside in U.S. more than 6 months each year with greencard, and greencard leads to citizenship.

Ohhh I see. I’ll talk about this to my husband. Thank you so much. Highly appreciated :heart:

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