Hi, can anyone help me with some advice on this?
I left my job the end of last year. Both my visa and arc will expire in July however my last place of work just contacted me to say they have been contacted by the police who would like to ‘ask me to leave’. I travelled home at christmas and returned and wasnt told anything was wrong by immigration.

I dont mind leaving but if I go to the airport without contacting the police when I get to the airport will I face a fine, is there anyway they can know? Because if they look at my passport everything looks fine, and I mistakenly it seems believed it was.

Feels like a sticky situation, is it? Anyone know what to do, Im really grateful for any advice

that sounds like total bull. if you still have an ARC from that employer… on what grounds can the police ask you to leave.
But one thing…it seems strange that your employer did not terminate your Work permit and so your ARC… when you resigned.

You should find out:

  1. Has your ARC and work permit being previuously cancelled by your employer?
  2. If so when?
  3. If not yet on what grounds do the police want you to leave?

The police just don’t phone employers up to tell their former employees to leave the country, else tell employers, who hire foreigners legally, to pass a message on to their employees to leave the country

PS if your ARC and Work permit have not been terminated, then how can you get a fine when leaving. If your ARC gets cancelled I think you have a grace period of about 7 days( could be more or less) to leave the country