Depressing report on Taiwan's military

Don’t know about generally- my wife’s nephew, who is also aborigine, also served in it.

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It seems they almost never survive after landing in the water.

They found the soon-to-be deceased pilot near Mudan.

For those familiar with Taiwan’s history, that’s not a good sign.


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Kind of sort of familiar…why is that not good? thanks



sadly, the more you train, the higher the chance of accidents. I’ve noticed much more militarily drills since Tsai is in power (or at least more media covering them) and I think it’s a step in the right way. TW should have a well trained military that can be a deterrent against attacks.

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I think they need to look at the escape equipment for these planes though , especially for landing in water , this crash should have been survivable I think?

This is interesting. I recently had an encounter with an unstable type online who claimed he was a navy seal. So I doxxed him and he was some scrawny little hillbilly with mental health issues.

I’ve talked with my kids about doing military service here or in either of the two other countries they’re eligible for. As it stands I don’t see the discipline in one of them. Maybe it’s just a hormonal thing. Another seems interested so I’m honest about what life is like in that situation. I was offered military college but turned it down at the time. I still get offered recruitment and special forces training programs.

If Taiwan really wants to prepare their military then they need to start getting some outside consultants on the ground. From a variety of special forces groups. Israeli, German, Australian, US, and UK with maybe some French Foreign Legion thrown in for good measure. As it stands today I see most of Taiwanese military (especially covert) is more geared towards spying on China/North Korea/and possibly Russia (lots of Taiwanese kids learning Russian that then go into military college).

That’s a dumb exercise they haven’t done in u.s. boot camps in a long time.

I think they’re more responses to incursions than drills in themselves. There’s been a push to increase the number of pilots to help reduce pilot fatigue hence the training accidents lately. Becoming a pilot through the Air Force is still the cheapest option for kids that have the grades to get there but not the money to go to the US or Australia and get a pilots license.

The key is if they can actually survive this experience.


1.Taiwan has excellent special forces.
2. Scrawny does not exclude one from the special forces, it kind of helps when walking very long distances.


Not dumb at all.

The whole point of the exercise is to familiarize yourself with battle conditions and hopefully weed out shell shock early before it becomes a big problem.

No idea what us boot camp does but I only heard it’s tough.

What benefit do you think it serves?

Because… we’re preparing for wwi style trench warfare?

It’s no doubt demanding. Bust let’s get some perspective - “most” is a young average person, in average shape, and 90% manage to make it through.

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Fitness, confidence, work under stress. If you are in the infantry all necessary.


Fitness? Really? Barbwire crawls under live fire for fitness? C’mon now, if that’s when you’re getting your conditioning work in, you’re already fucked.

There are plenty of other exercises that develop confidence and work you under stress (with live fire drills that are more.dangerous than the crawl).

It is not for conditioning work it is a test, and yeah crawling is hard work, especially in mud. I did not say there were not better ways I said it was not useless. Have you tried it? I have 32 years ago.

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You said one of the benefits was fitness… hence conditioning…

So you agree there’s better ways. Yet claim it’s not stupid. Why not just do the better ways,.and why’s it not stupid to do it the not as good way? :wink:

No, I haven’t done it, but I have been in theatre in the last decade. :stuck_out_tongue:

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