Dermatology / mole removal

Hey all,

I have a few moles that I’ve had for a while, I had them checked out in the States a few years back and they said there was no problem, but they’ve been growing and changing color so I’d like to get them checked again. I did a forum search and found that I might be able to see an English-speaking dermatologist at NTU Hospital or Wangfang Hospital, has anyone been to either of those recently for dermatology, and can recommend/discourage one or the other?

Also, I have never had a mole removed…is it a pretty safe, simple procedure that I can be confident about having done in Taiwan? No experience with the medical system here yet.

Finally, cost: with my situation, I’ll be on the national health insurance in about three months. Is it worth waiting for that to roll around before I go? Does anyone know roughly how much the procedure would cost with and without insurance? I’m American so I’m used to thinking of non-insured medical procedures as completely prohibitively expensive, but I realize that may not be the case in a country with a sane medical cost structure like Taiwan.

So, 3 questions:

  1. NTU Hospital vs Wangfang (or elsewhere)
  2. Safe? Simple?
  3. Cost?


Yes. However, if you have it done using National Health Insurance, the doctor may exaggerate the size of the mole and leave a very large scar in order to make sure that NHI pays for it. I kid you not. That is my experience at a hospital in Donghu which I will not name. Fortunately, it was on my belly button and being in my 70’s I no longer wear bikinis, so it’s not a big deal.

I’ve had mixed experience with this at Changeng hospital. First time got a young doctor, had no problem, fast, virtually painless, NHI covered, no worries.

Went back another time for similar reason, and got an older doctor who refused to provide any service under NHI since there was no imminent health risk, and told me in an unfriendly way that the first doctor shouldn’t have provided NHI-covered treatment either.

I’ve not tried other clinics/hospitals yet for dermatology, but clearly it matters which doctor you visit.

While my experience relates only to one little dermatology clinic in Zhongli, perhaps it may help: I asked a doctor there what options were available to me for a mole I have on my back. He said that he could use cryo-treatment (freeze it off) for the usual appointment fee (around 120NT). Being concerned about the size of the scar, I asked if any other options were available. He said that I could have it removed through minor surgery at a nearby hospital, which he said would cost around 5000NT. Still debating whether to go through with it. In case I do, thanks for the heads-up about the NHI = super mole, DB (:

haven’t seen the product in years, they used to make “wart-off” witch was a topical weak acid and cognizant. applied on a mole and covered with an air tight bandage would literally remove the mole in three to five days. no scars.

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When I went to Wanfang a few years ago it cost me around 2000-2500 without health insurance.

I’ve had 4 removed there over the last 6 years. Two for cosmetic reasons and two as I thought they could be something more serious. The test for cancer (the mole) is extra - around 1000 (I think) and takes a week.