Designed for the track, ready for the road

I just saw an article about this sweet ride. Imagine 415bhp in a vehilce under
1400kg. And it seems to come in Porsche’s classic colors orange and green.

My copy of Car and Driver has a test on this car. Nice. Very nice.

7.30 lbs per hp…cupholders?

they are made out of kevlar.

imagine what the taxes and duties would be to import it into our Banana Republic of China, with it’s “tax the hell out of anything light and powerful” system :no-no: … I reckon you’d be very lucky to get it on the road for under NT$12million… ouch…

Ever since I saw the Top Gear segment about the Ariel Atom on you tube every other sports car seems boring. At least of ones that I might have a chance of owning that is bigger than the chance of Hu JinTao marrying Lu Xiulien.