Desktop going weird~

And another help me thread from… me~

Last night, the missus’s e-mail account (via outlook) somehow mysteriously had all of it’s e-mails deleted. Luckily they were still in the recycle bin, and were saveable. Her e-mails had been fine when she turned off the computer. I had turned on the computer for about 5 minutes, but didn’t touch outlook.

Also, it’s starting to have difficulty with both YouTube AND LiveVideo. YouTube - it won’t even load the player half the time. LiveVideo - loads the player, but the slider for volume is missing, and this morning it also wouldn’t load the actual video.

Media Player loads fine and works fine if you open the player by opening a file through explorer - but if you try to load Media Player on it’s own, it just crashes.

I have Norton 2006, Adaware, Xsoft Spyware AND Spyware Doctor - yet a scan gets nothing… Sure, a few minor spyware/adware items, but nothing that causes this kind of problem.

Are you sure it isn’t Norton causing the problems?

Some of these ‘big name’ av programs are unreliable in their operation.


I’ve had norton running for ages on my computer… no problems… it’s only recently that these problems have arisen…

Email deletion bug bites Norton Internet Security

Full story here:

thanks X3M… but the emails were still there… just all in the recycle bin… this says it removed the files or made them unreadable…

I still think the culprit is Norton, but I am biased against it, so just ignore me.

Google: “Norton Outlook problem” give some reading about all that can happen…

but what about the other problems? media player crashing if opened by itself (not by opening a media file)… youtube and livevideo not loading properly…