Desperate housewives

I rented the Desperate Housewives DVDs from Blockbuster during the CNY break.They just have the first season. Finished them all and now am addicted. :help: I need to find the second season…and beyond. Anyone know where I can find them? I’m …well…desperate!!!

I’ve read some of the Desperate Housewives recaps at

The writers are pretty darned funny so imo, it’s just as good as or better than watching the show. :laughing:

Only the first season has been released. Or someone (hint) might be able to import them for you.

All the episodes are available for download on the iTunes Music Store for US$1.99 a pop. I just checked, and they have the complete second season, up to and including the “One Wonderful Day” season finale.

The iTMS also has lots of other goodies like all the Lost, Office, and Battlestar Galactica episodes, and they just added The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

You can buy the series by linking to, you download them and watch them perfectly, each story costs US$ 1.99 or you can buy the partial season. Any questions, write me at : (Maria)