Dessert cafe in a Kaohsiung heritage house with interesting past

Nice place to visit, Recently opened place has place to try some traditional local deserts (Aiyu jelly). It’s a city restored Japanese era house with some interesting history.

I could not find any English links, so links are all in Chinese

House and cafe


Shoyoen Japanese Garden (逍遙園) in Kaohsiung

Address: 800高雄市新興區六合一路55巷15號錦田路為入口處

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It looks interesting and shall give it a visit.

I still find it amusing that a house from 1940 is classed as old, to me houses should last this long, if it was a sandwich then it would be old.


Yes, actually not that old. I think there are still some 300+ year old homes in the city. The British Consulate at Takao is pretty old it seems. Cijin Tianhou Temple is over 400 years old and some homes around it seem that old (walk the small old back alleyways)

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