Details on Visa Cruises

This forum has helpful info on cruises and on visas.
But some cruises do not stop on land ‘over seas.’ They sail around etc.
If these round about cruises
are still useful for visa runs, how/ where does
the actual stamping of the visa, etc., take place?

Going out on the high seas means leaving the country, so you get exit and entry stamps in your passport. If you are entitled to visa-free entry to Taiwan or to a landing visa, or you have one of those hard-to-get multiple entry visas, you can come back from a cruise and start a new stay (30 days for visa-free entry). It is no use to you if you hold a passport for which you need a visa to come to Taiwan, e.g. South African. For any more cruise information, search Forumosa for “Okinawa” or go over to TEALIT or Whose Travel (Taizhong).

The cruises are not running now - wrong time of year.