Dewey Decimal in Chinese

Anyone know where I can find the complete classification in Chinese?

Although I have the English, what would really help is to have a bilingual list (English and Chinese), as it would save me time, not having to cut and paste.



How complete do you need?

This one by hundreds, with the English and Chinese together:

This one by tens, with the English and Chinese separate:

Wait, sorry. Those seem to be different systems.

Cranky, thanks.

the first one is what i am looking for but it only has the hundreds. I will need ones.

The second link does not seem to correspond. For example 900 is Geography and History in English, but Art in Chinese (according to my colleague).

Got any ideas, as to where i can find an expanded list based on the hundreds in the first link?

There’s a tens list at the bottom of this page:

That’s the best I could find.

Cranky, you’re a star.