Did anybody ever managed to get a HSBC Premier Credit Card in Taiwan?

I am a foreigner with a good stable job in Taiwan and I have an HSBC Premier Account and Debit Card here.
Today I went to the bank to apply for a premier credit card, but to my dismay the clerk told me that I would need either a Taiwanese guarantor or a large amount of money on my account in order to apply for a premier credit card, and since either way is too complicated it would be better for me to continue using the Debit Card only.

By experience, I am aware that in Taiwan usually clerks don’t mean what they say. They just say things to get less work and less trouble, and many you can get things through if you try hard enough.
But before trying pushing them further to try to get the credit card, and getting angry and then having a headache, I would like to ask if anyone ever had any success in getting an HSBC Premier Credit Card here.

If you have a premier account, that means you likely opened the account with 3m nt or equivalent or you pay a monthly fee. If you have 3m in the account they have no excuse.

I was told the premier account does not require a guarantor. Any other account does.

If you have another premier account open in your home country call your advisor to take care of the details for you

And therein lies the inherent silliness that is HSBC Taiwan.

Arcane rules, stupid excuses, poor service, all with a smile. I opened an account with them ages ago, but they kept shutting down my online/phone banking, couldn’t give me a mortgage, couldn’t for the life of me get a proper statement to my address, couldn’t seem to set up any designated bank accounts for wiring money either locally or internationally. In the end, I just gave up and closed my account after yet another silly thing too much.

I never put all my money in their grasp. I would strongly advise you to do the same. I have never had as much run around with any Taiwanese bank as I had with HSBC Taiwan. Odd, isn’t it?


Sorry for digging up an old thread. If you have a Premier Checking from another country, say HSBC US, and would like to get an HSBC credit card in Taiwan, would it still be required to have a job, etc.? Or the Premier tier status alone would do?

yes, since first of all they would require you to become an HSBC TW premier client with the premier TW account, then it really depends on your history here in TW. If you can show substantial bank balances maybe they can forego the income requirement, otherwise they want to see income.

Premier card is shite, but free for premier clients. Best would be the traveller card for miles or the diamond cashback card.


Yes as @Mataiou replied. I have HSBC Premier in HK and opened a premier account in Taiwan 3 months ago. I am resident in Taiwan for 36 years. HSBC HK gave me a Premier Credit card with no residency or employment in HK.

If you are resident here HSBC Taiwan you can open a Premier Account and you do not have to meet the minimum amount here as your US account has the required funds. HSBC was also offering 6% for a fixed term deposit here as well but that may be less now. I took up the offer and exchange rate for US$ to NT$ has increased as well. NT$ a good buy right now. Once the US Fed lowers interest rates the NT$ will appreciate.

Also I own a company but have no income in Taiwan. As a HSBC Premier Taiwan account holder I can get a HSBC Premier card. HSBC has a travelers card that might be better for you if traveling. Spend NT$10 overseas and get miles for China Airlines and other airlines as well.

Also if you a Premier Account holder your credit history and credit score can be transferred to other countries HSBC Premier accounts.

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Although I own a company I have no income in Taiwan. I can get any of the HSBC Taiwan credit cards on offer according to my personal relationship manager.

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Thanks. If having a balance is an option, it’d be relatively easy to get a credit card this way. A very short term margin loan, in and out. On the other hand, having a Premier account sort of already established that, unless what they want is specifically a balance in TW.

Good to know. I have points/miles earning US cards. I’m hoping most local stores will accept them.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

That’s very nice. Almost enough to cover a margin loan interest. Hope it’s still there. To waive a Premier account fee is actually easier in the US. All I needed to do is to transfer some IRA balance to HSBC US - it needs to be with a bank anyway.

This is definitely very helpful to newcomers! Though what I have is a Premier checking with HSBC US. They didn’t do a credit check. Hopefully when I apply for a credit card in TW they can use my US credit score.

Nah, at fancy stores big restaurants yes, local stores (7-11, px mart, etc…) no. Actually HSBC is not even accepted at px mart.

I got my first credit card in Taiwan from HSBC and I didn’t have local income or any history at the time, only Premier status at HSBC US. They didn’t ask me for any proof of income and pulled up my US account balances from their systems. But the credit limit was really low, around 80k NTD a month.


Credit limits aren’t per month.

As premier account holder is you have maintained minimum balance you will be fine.

I applied for HSBC HK premier credit card it was approved immediately and I am not resident or working in HK.

You can choose what country to base your account and other countries you don’t need to maintain minimum balance. So in Taiwan that’s NT$3 million in HK it’s HK$1 million which is more than NT$4 million

In the USA it’s only US$75000 to have a Premier Account.

I do believe that as right now the NT$ is near 32 to the US$. Once fed lowers interest rates I see it coming down to NT$31. Now in that happens in a few months and I have moved my US$ to NT$ that’s a decent pocket change. Better than any fixed term deposit. HSBC Taiwan told me for exchanging amounts over US$20k I can get a better exchange rate. I will ask today what woould I get for US$100k plus.

Well two things… one they will ask for your ARC so if you have one they will use the first date as you being here even if you are overseas.

HSBC Taiwan can open accounts for foreigners with no ARC but are reluctant to do so. Foreigners with no ARC can get a Tax ID number from the National Immigration Agency. But the thing is HSBC Premier is like a club, once you are in that club the other countries HSBC branches just say welcome to have an account here. OK so for HSBC Philippines Premier the minimum amount is 3 million peso. That’s around US$54,100 but as I am not resident in Philippines cannot open an account there afaik. Same for Indonesia you must have a resident visa as a foreigner to open an account.

I am happy so far as a new HSBC Premier account holder in Taiwan I opened my account in late December 2023. Have had HSBC HK for over two decades in one name and over 35 years in another name.

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Didn’t you previously have a HKID? Might want to mention that

I have never had a HK ID or a resident visa or work permit in HK.

Don’t confuse me with @Mataiou or @user86

In fact it is not a requirement to be resident in HK to open an HSBC account there. Go to the HSBC HK website and you can see all the countries they allow people from other countries to open accounts online with HSBC HK without ever stepping foot in HK.

@comfy123 just opened a HSBC HK account online as an Australian Citizen. He is not a resident of HK.


when he opened the account in HK no HKID required (technically not even now, just very challenging to open without).

You could just stroll on Queen’s road central on a visa exempt entry or tourist visa, enter a branch and presto in 20 mins you would get out with your account opened. Those were the days…


You don’t even need to go to the city. HSBC HK has a branch at the international airport. You can walk in there and open an account as a tourist. Many people do so.

When I opened my first HSBC HK account in 1989 you needed a member from HSBC to refer you plus my Taiwan ARC, Australian passport and as proof of address. The chap that did mine I knew when I was in Brunei and he was expat staff with HSBC there. One Queens Road Central account using my Australian Identity.

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Can confirm.

In fact! I’d never stepped foot in Hong Kong prior to having an account. (A few months later I visited and walked around during a 6 hour layover) - it was nice to get out of the cheap economy seats I’d been flying in.

Just to confirm again @jimbob132 i have NEVER had a HKID nor had I ever been to Hong Kong before.

Also I have a “plebbier account (not to be confused with a “premier account”) because I am not some high roller sat guy like @Satellite_TV nor am I some fintech guy like @Mataiou I’m just a mere mortal living in a shoebox apartment in the suburbs or better known as a “pleb.”


Pleb account lol…

you should be a marketing officer for HSBC

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