Did I Photograph Two UFOs? (See page 12 for all photos)

What are these two strange shaped objects in this photo?

I didn’t notice them 'til I got home. I thought at first they might be para-gliders, but the photo is good enough to spot people, you would think. The conditions were stormy. Do para-gilders like storms?

They don’t really look like para-gliders or hang-gliders to me.


When the government comes to your door, make sure to post their explanation of how they were testing weather balloons in your area.

That’s another thing that picture is close enough to the airforce base to wonder if they would even allow para-gliders in the area.


Weather balloons?

Escaping prisoners?

Birds that have eaten too much?

Can you identify them? Are they flying? If the answers are no and yes respectively, then yes, they are in fact UFOs.

It sure looks like two real objects there, the way the sun is glinting off. Yep UFOs alright. Seriously that’s a very interesting picture. The spherical objects look to have a slight bulge in the middle and seem identical. The one on the top left has a kind of an encircling glow around it, that could just be the sun coming in from behind it. These pictures haven’t been manipulated right?

As for a mundane explanation the only thing I could think of are balloons released for wind direction, they are not birds, sky lanterns etc.

Same image seconds later on wider angle. They’ve disappeared or are too far away to see. You would think you could at least make them out though.

Should I report it to the authorities? Or is already reporting it on Forumosa, considered reporting it to the authorities?

One on the right bears a striking resemblance to what’s known as a “Rover Balloon”, I believe it’s a secret device that tracks down escaped prisoners and returns them to their place of incarceration, usually an island, and if that’s the West Coast near Guanyinshan, isn’t there a WAI GUO jail around those parts?

If they are attached to wires it’s to prevent low flying aircraft from flying too low. If you can’t identify these objects then, yes they are UFO’s.


If not then I’ll say these photos are really interesting and they seem to have disappeared from the second photo. Believe it or not there are many UFOs reports of these types of objects. Where was the picture taken, I guess you were taking pictures of the Cumulus clouds behind it right? If you want you can send to some American organistions like MUFON or some discussion boards for analysis…these guys will check the photo authenticity out very quickly but they will want the original photo file (as there are many hoaxers of this kind of stuff).

Coconuts borne by swallows enroute to California. Rather huskless coconuts, by all appearances, and small swallows. Don’t worry about things like weight ratios.

PS Lovely images, Fox.

The shots were taken over the southern end of the Coastal Mountain Range at about 4:30 in the evening or perhaps a little earlier. It’ll be on the camera. I sent it away to one of my clients formerly of the CWB and now Institute of Navigation Science and Technology, National Kaohsiung Marine University, Kaohsiung. See what he says.

Those are distractions so that nobody will look at the bigfoot right underneath them.

They look like sky lanterns to me. Or possibly weather balloons.

Where did you take the photo?

They look absolutely nothing like sky lanterns. This is what a sky lantern looks like.
secure.emcyber.com/sparklers/im … antern.jpg

They also don’t look at all like a typical weather balloon either.
learner.org/courses/essentia … alloon.jpg

Why do folks roll out these explanations?

Hey Fox, did you notice any scratches on your pants on the way home :slight_smile:

[quote=“headhonchoII”]They look absolutely nothing like sky lanterns. This is what a sky lantern looks like.
secure.emcyber.com/sparklers/im … antern.jpg

They also don’t look at all like a typical weather balloon either.
learner.org/courses/essentia … alloon.jpg

Why do folks roll out these explanations?[/quote]
Occam’s Razor.

[quote=“headhonchoII”]They look absolutely nothing like sky lanterns. This is what a sky lantern looks like.
secure.emcyber.com/sparklers/im … antern.jpg


That’s what a sky lantern looks like standing just underneath one, not much help.

Zoom in the photo, they are spherical silvery object with a slight bulge in the middle which are obviously reflecting the sun’s rays.

Did they look ANYTHING like a sky lantern in the daytime or night-time? No.

As for Occam’s razor, it is a typical statement rolled out by lazy people. Here is something somebody wrote about Occam’s razor previously.

'Using the idea of Occam’s razor to figure out complex and rare phenomena is useless…as it in this case favours the simple ‘known’ and
‘accepted’ explanation. The simplest explanations CANNOT explain some phenomena and some sightings…therefore our understanding is lacking (either of the physics of the natural world or of the presence of other life forms). Doubt me? Do a search for Earthlights and Earthquakelights…a real and unexplained natural phenomena. Using Occam’s razor this was often explained away as misperceptions and hallucinations…until a Japanese photographer captured a picture during an earthquake in the 1960s.

Prior to the middle ages people thought the earth was flat, of course it was otherwise how would we all stick to a ball? Didn’t the Sun go round the Earth…simple. Using the simple explanation too much can lead you down a blind path, you need to do independent research. Occam’s razor depends on accepted theories of the present day, it is highly dependent on peoples individual viewpoints. The same with when electrons were fired through a gold sheet and it was found they bounced through two holes at the same time…Occam’s razor would say quantum effects are most likely experimental error but that would have been very wrong. They were able to disprove experimental error by repeating the experiment thousands of times. Can you do that with a rarely observed poorly understood phenomena in the laboratory of the real world?

For another example take ball lightning. Ball lightning was not truly accepted by most of the scientific community until the last few decades. It’s still not understood how they form. However now most ‘reputable’ scientists believe in ball lightning, there have been enough reports and research done to confirm for them it exists (and for them not look silly by saying this exists). So when a UFO is now sighted Occam’s razor says that is probably ball lightning. No-one would laugh at you and call you crazy for calling what you saw…ball lightning (even if it wasn’t). A few decades ago Occam’s razor would have said these people are crackpots for seeing ball lightning.

They’re really interesting, Fox. I’d be fascinated to know what your expert friend makes of them. Let us know when he’s had a look at the picture.