Did you hear about Intel's new chip?

the “centrino” :shock: :shock: :shock:
(formerly code-named “Banias”)

Intel Press Relations says, “Centrino” is a blend of the words “center” and “neutrino.” The name brings to mind scientific concepts that make this name sound very active and alive. The new name suggests a small, fast, powerful device. :unamused:

but it still will be " Intel Inside Idiot Outside " :laughing: :laughing:

Even the best processor is of no use if you run MS software on it … :smiling_imp:

Intel releases processors and chipsets that list high speeds and lengthy feature sets, respectively, but has the performance actually increased much if any in recent years? Maybe the next “revolutionary” silicon will come from VIA or SiS or nVidia. Who cares? It’s pointless one-up-manship based on the flawed premise that clockspeed and feature bloat will make computing better.

Ya, Intel et al can put on an impressive show of spinning the rims inside the tires (smoking it up), but their products aren’t getting us from point A to point B any faster than a couple years ago.

PC buyers are generally none-too-bright and the continued reliance by chip and box makers on clock speeds, feature bloat, etc as marketing vehicles is proof thereof.

And, like the man said, if you’re running M$ on top, what’s the point? Burning “extraneous” clock cycles? Garbage in, garbage out…

Ok all, I’ve been into computing and heavily involved with the computing industry for well over 14 years and during that time I have seen alot and read a lot.

However with all of the advances in technology etc, it still upsets me that it takes about 10 seconds to load my word processor and my document. I put it al down to the bloated software that is fulll of features that i don’t really want or need.

Yes it is true that M$ software is crap, yes it is true that it all bloatware, yes it is true that M$ and Wintel follow each other to design whatever to suit each other. Basically the whole computer industry is about planned obselesence (sp?) and the consumer always need to play catchcup but ultimatley there is no real benefit in upgrading. Lets face it, for an average user, what is the real difference to a current computer running Office to a 3 year old computer running a 3 year old copy of Office?

I understand that if you are a serious games player then by all means the latest video card and water cooled CPU may be the thing you need. However the average punter out there does not need to run the latest hardware and software and yet the marketing campaigns insist that people need to upgrade and poor Joe Blow gets even poorer by keeping the Wintel duopoly rich.

With all the advances in technology, why can’t i have a machine now that does not need 30 seconds to boot up - why can’t they put an OS on EEPROM like they do with the PDAs (although i haven’t seen what a note pad computer can do). Why does it still take 10 seconds to load my word processor and document and why can’t i install the software with the features i want…These are rhetorial questions and i know that the answer lies in the monopolistic powers of M$ but it really does peeve me off.

End of my rant.