Did you know that there is an incentive program for Gold Card Holders to travel to Taiwan?

Hello everyone,
I would like to share with you that Gold Card Holders can join an incentive program to travel to Taiwan. This program can cover partially or fully, flight tickets and accomodation expenses.

The rules are:

  • You need to apply for the program before come to Taiwan;
  • You have to come to Taiwan to participate and contribute with some Digital related activity;
  • You need provide detailed information and, if possible, proofs of your activities in Taiwan;
  • You need to keep and provide flight tickets and accomodation receipts for future reimbursement;
  • And the program is valid until October 31 - 2024.

Basically, Taiwan government are encouraging qualified people to visit Taiwan and contribute with digital related activities, that can be: joining Events, Forums, Taiwan universities activities and etc. If you are not sure if you suitable for applying, I suggest just contact their office with the link below and ask them.

If you are already planning to travel to Taiwan, have a Gold Card and will participate in any Digital related activity, basically, is an opportunity to earn good money back. If you are not, just consider change a little bit your plans to see you can fit in the program.

You can find more information and application form here:
數位經濟國際人才來臺參與產業交流推動計畫 (tca.org.tw)

And they also have an assistance service that can provide help with issues and specific cases, just need access the “Contact Us” section.

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Don’t know why the link is leading to a mandarin page, but the english link is this:
or just send an e-mail to hello@digigoldcard.tw

Ha. The English site redirects right back to the Mandarin site.

Ok, it’s really weird, but if you just go to any other tab and then change the language with the “EN” button, it works.

And also, I’m sharing this link with their official Guideline pdf: