Didi launched in Taiwan

Didi Taxi and Didi Hitch for carpooling



so if you use didi you basically just call a taxi?

Do they stick with baidu maps? Baidu maps is the worst, you might as well use a compass and sundial and the stars to get around.

I heard they have flaming torches now.

At first the article says it’s basically a glorified taxi app so I started to tune out because that is essentially what uber became , an overpriced taxi app.

But at the end of the article it appears didi allows you to carpool a cab or with the public to save money. Might be worth a look in that case.

The app has two options: Call a cab or join other riders and carpool. Presumable you will see a cost breakdown of both in the app and you can chose whichever you prefer.

The carpool feature is also what could get them in hot water with the gov/taxi lobby abeis, since this would be transportation by non-licensed drivers. They try to get around that in the beginning by not charging/making a profit from carpooling, which would, in theory, make it legal.

I would be far more interested if you didn’t have to still pay with cash.