Differences between Taiwanese Culture and Chinese Culture

And I found them unconvincing. I’ve been to Taiwan 3 times, and I always just thought it as another place with Chinese majority.

Taiwanese are kinder? Sure, that’s why we have Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism? - #887 by sofun right? I mean, that sounds very mainlandish.


Some of the same holidays but how we celebrate can be different. Such as the moon festival, a Taiwan tradition outside of Taipei the the Taiwan BBQ which many people in China do not know about. This an example of one of many, when weekly regional online meetings , some of the people in China are surprised how the same holiday is celebrated differently, a culture difference.

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I will accept there are nuanced differences, but there are differences WITHIN mainland China too. That’s why there are dialects.

By the way, I am still planning to move to Taiwan come this September, so I guess I’ll see for myself then.

Yeah, and there are regional differences in Taiwan too.

Canada is cut from the British cloth.

Taiwan is cut from the Chinese cloth.


If you think there’s no difference, why are you moving to Taiwan and not China?


Because China is not open to foreigners nowadays and my client is sending me to Taiwan instead of China?

There’s another difference.

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But that’s because of Covid though. I mean before that, anyone can go to China too with the proper visa.

It’s a genuine question that people with little experience with Taiwan would want to know.

The PRC has always been more xenophobic than Taiwan.


Hey you found a difference!



Not just covid. China is much more xenophobic than Taiwan. How many foreigners have naturalized in China?


Chinese Driving is 10x worse than Taiwanese driving. Only China has ever made me felt like I was going to die.

I’ve experienced some very stupid driving habits by people and taxi drivers here in Taiwan,

but a friend in China decided wrong way driving was a good idea to take a shortcut and a taxi driver deciding to barely scrape the exit guardrail to overtake on the right were frightening.

I felt that way on the 401.

So are you saying that Ontario culture and Chinese culture are the same? :upside_down_face:


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I would say true, and People in China are often surprised by open Gay & Les life and culture in Taiwan, by lots of single people and late marriage age , ect.

Dude, the 401 is not comparable. It’s wide and looks chaotic, but a fairly safe drive.

Though my recent return has seen a lot more Taiwanese style driving. I think they wanted to make me feel at home

As they overtake me on the right while I do 135kmh.

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This question of differences will also tend to elicit different answers from mainland Chinese vs. mainland Taiwanese :wink:

But we tend to dress in a more American style these days. More American influence, is, yet another example of difference here

Historically true, and yet another present day difference