Differences between Taiwanese Culture and Chinese Culture

Don’t the French say that when going to Quebec (the city, moreso)?
Especially the language that has stayed the same for a couple centuries, no?

I’m…actually not sure.

That’s what my Canuck friend from Ontario says who speaks a bit francais.
Same might go for the French spoken in Louisiana. Accents and colloquialisms stopped in time.

I’m far away from Quebec so I don’t know what a French person would think.

I’ve heard that North American English is basically the original British accent.

Not really, no

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Some aspects of general American accent might have changed, but at least the original British accent would have been rhotic. They didn’t begin to lose that r until after the industrial revolution.

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Sorry if already mentioned.

the biggest cultural differences are freedom and aboriginals here are no possible way confused with Han chinese.

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Yet, MY coworkers and students (inb4 someone claims my experience is fake :roll_eyes:) always say how they want to visit China… They also love Chinese equivalent of KPOP. It’s possible they mean native Taiwanese like Hakka culture etc.

In my experience, taiwanese are night and day from Chinese. For one, taiwanese (at least the youth) are more willing to discuss things and debate. Taiwanese people are happier in general and they seem to love Japan which us the opposite of Chinese people. Also taiwanese people are able to critically think about themselves and their country and in general are more creative.

The Chinese people I’ve met just parrot propaganda or avoid any complex subject entirely.

There are other little things but they are difficult to define or put into words


Culture wise, Taiwan culture primarily Southern Min, with Southern Han and Hakka minority.
China culture primarily mixed of Northern Han and Southern Han, with Yue Cantonese and Hui minority. Also add the non-Chinese of Mongol, Uyghur, Tibet and Zhuang minority.

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Kind of makes you wonder how they would act without the Chinese government? The same as Taiwan? Completely different from current China and Taiwan? Guess we will never know.

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People tend to forget that the US, despite the weakness of the Pentagon, despite all of the truly woke and stupid behavior, still has a powerful military.”


My guess is entirely different. China is pretty diverse place with entirely different history and geography after all

Mainland Chinese are top visitors to Japan before Covid. New Record for International Visitors to Japan | Nippon.com. They made up 1/3 of all visitors.

Speaking about avoiding confrontations, I am pretty sure no one beats the Japanese.

Fujian is primarily Southern Min too. My business partner’s family in South East Asia came from that province. They still have family over there and they all speak Hokkian.


If you are doing it wrong, though, they will let you know.

In some ways they are more candid and direct that Taiwanese.


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True. They can be direct when pissed but still polite. It sometimes shows as sarcastic.

Probably the biggest difference is if you left your bag or phone at a cafe in Beijing it’s doubtful you’d get it back. Whereas in Taiwan someone will chase you up the street to give it back.

Besides that the biggest and easiest thing to spot is rudeness. Almost every single person, and I admit they’ve almost always been men, from China have been extremely rude and arrogant. Meanwhile those from Taiwan are genuinely curious. It’s very confronting being called a Western dog to your face by someone from China while they are visiting or moving to your own country. Makes you wonder how they got a visa in the first place.


Huh? You can’t tell an aboriginal from a Han at least half the time.